Medical Genius Chapter 704

 What Lin Mo said about solving the problem was not looking for Xu Jiangong Fang Hui and the others.

                These people were Xu Hanxia's relatives, so Lin Mo couldn't do anything to them.

                However, the Wang family was a different story.

                This matter had started because of the Wang family, and as long as the Wang family was resolved, this matter would be over.

                As a result, before Lin Mo could go to the Wang family, Wang Yiming came to him first.

                Lin Mo had just returned to the hospital when he saw a few people sitting in the office, the leader of which was Wang Yiming.

                He was bandaged up and full of arrogance.

                When he saw Lin Mo enter, he sneered, "What, come to work?"

                "I thought you had absconded in fear of crime!"

                "Do you remember me?"

                Lin Mo's face was icy cold: "What do you want?"

                Wang Yiming laughed loudly, "What for?"

                "He asked me what for?"

                "Brothers, it's like this, he still doesn't know what I want!"

                The people around them also laughed.

                Wang Yiming suddenly stood up and slammed the computer on the table onto the floor, pointing at Lin Mo and cursing, "Fuck you!"

                "In all my life, no one has dared to touch a hair on my head!"

                "Who the hell are you to dare to hit me?"

                "If I don't fucking kill you, how can I still be in Guangyang City in the future!"

                The people around us also shouted, "Fuck, you dare to touch our brothers, you're fucking looking for death!"

                "You don't even bother to ask around about the strength of our Brotherhood. Who in the Brotherhood can you touch?"

                "Let me tell you this, just one of us can buy several Xu Pharmaceuticals with his family's assets!"

                "Even the heirs of the Ten Great Families are all members of our Brotherhood Alliance!"

                "What kind of dog are you, daring to fight with us?"

                "Are you trying to pick on all the rich and powerful in Guangyang City by yourself?"

                These second generation rich people, arrogantly and domineeringly cursed angrily, pointing at Lin Mo with the utmost arrogance.

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he waited for them to finish before he slowly said, "Finished, right?"

                "Finished, then let's get started!"

                "You guys didn't come here to fight with me, did you?"

                These rich kids froze at once.

                They thought that by revealing their identities, Lin Mo would tremble in fear and end up kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to them, begging for mercy.

                Then, they could step on Lin Mo's head, beat him up violently, and then tell him to get lost completely and leave Xu Hanxia.

                Who would have thought that not only was Lin Mo not the least bit frightened, but he was even eager to let them do it?

                Was this insane?

                A rich young man glared at Lin Mo: "Damn son of a bitch, you're asking for death, so you can't blame me!"

                "Kill him for me!"

                This guy cursed and directly swung his fist at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo didn't hesitate and backhanded him, clasping his arm, before punching him on the elbow.

                Hearing only a click, this rich young man's arm was fractured, and he hissed desperately on the ground in pain.

                And Lin Mo didn't stop there, he kicked him in the face again.

                At once, the rich young man's nose was broken, his mouth and nose were bleeding, and he was whimpering and unable to make a sound.

                When the other few people saw this, they all became furious.

                "How dare you fucking resist!"

                "Kill him!"

                "Damn it, kill! Kill him!"

                The crowd cursed angrily, and even, two of them pulled out folding knives from their bodies and lunged towards Lin Mo in an aggressive manner.

                Lin Mo's eyes showed a cold light as he took a fierce step forward and leaned against the mountain, smashing right into the chest of the man at the front.

                This man flew backwards and crashed all the way into the other man's body, both of them hitting the wall at the same time before coming to a halt.

                This blow also caused both of them to break multiple bones all over their bodies and they were lying on the ground unable to get up.

                This was also because Lin Mo had shown mercy, otherwise, this blow would have been enough to kill them both!