Medical Genius Chapter 702

 Instead of being happy, Lin Xi began to panic.

                She took a few steps back, grabbed Lin Mo's arm and whispered, "Brother, let's go."

                "This ...... is definitely not our home!"

                "Don't you lie to me!"

                "Let's hurry up and go, don't let the owner of this place find out."

                Just then, the downstairs maid came out.

                She rubbed her sleepy eyes and glanced upwards, "Mr Lin, is there something wrong?"

                She had only come out when she heard the commotion outside.

                After the words were said, she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

                She rubbed her eyes furiously and looked incredulously at Lin Xi beside Lin Mo.

                You know, she had been here since the first day Lin Mo moved in.

                And since that day, Lin Xi had been in a coma.

                She thought Lin Xi was a vegetable, Lin Mo didn't say so, and she didn't dare to ask.

                But now Lin Xi was standing beside Lin Mo in good health, making her wonder if she was dreaming.

                She pinched herself hard on her leg and the pain made her realise that everything in front of her was real.

                Lin Xi, on the other hand, panicked as she hurriedly begged, "Auntie, we ...... are not thieves ......"

                "We're leaving now, you ...... don't arrest us ......"

                "I'm begging you, please ......"

                Lin Mo's eyes were red.

                His sister has been so understanding since she was a little girl, so understanding it hurts!

                He reached out and rubbed Lin Xi's head and said softly, "Don't be afraid, this is our home."

                At this moment, the maids below also said in surprise, "Mr. Lin, Miss ...... is awake?"

                "Aiya, great."

                "Miss is awake, Miss is awake!"

                The maid's voice woke up the other two maids in the house as well.

                These two came out to take a look and were both full of excitement as well.

                "Mr. Lin, Miss ...... is Miss alright?"

                "Great, Miss is awake!"

                "Miss, are you hungry? Let me make you something to eat?"

                These few maids spoke in a variety of ways.

                They worked here and were paid three times as much as the average person.

                Moreover, they were grateful to Lin Mo for treating them so well, as he was usually not even at home.

                Plus, Lin Xi was cute looking, about the same age as their own children.

                And for such a young child to be like this, they felt sorry for Lin Xi.

                Now that they saw that Lin Xi had woken up, they were all happy from the bottom of their hearts.

                Lin Xi was at a loss, and the way these people addressed her made her a little frightened.

                "Brother, who is the lady they ...... are talking about?"

                Lin Xi asked cautiously.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "It's you they're talking about."

                "We are the owners of this house, you are the master of the house, understand?"

                Lin Xi stood timidly by Lin Mo's side, she still couldn't accept it all.

                Lin Mo smiled lightly, he knew that Lin Xi needed a process of acceptance.

                "You guys should rest first."

                "She has just recovered, she can't eat for now."

                "Tomorrow morning, just prepare some thin porridge."

                Lin Mo said.

                "Okay, Mr. Lin!"

                The three maids went back to their rooms.

                Lin Mo also brought Lin Xi back to his room and said solemnly, "Xi'er, brother has money."

                "From now on, you will never suffer again!"

                "However, your body still has to recuperate for a few days."

                "In these few days, you will stay at home first and don't run around."

                "When you've completely recovered, brother will take you out to play, okay?"

                Lin Xi nodded obediently.

                Next, Lin Mo let the three maids take care of Lin Xi for the time being.

                Lin Xi's body was considered to have recovered, but, because she had been in bed for too long, she needed a process of adaptation.

                After this period, she would be able to go out.

                Lin Mo also planned to bring Xu Hanxia to Wangjiang Garden after this period of time, so that she could live in this house.