Medical Genius Chapter 7-8

 Chapter 7

Fang Hui sat next to Xu Hanxia and rambled on, telling her to contact Cui Yifan more often for the sake of the family's business.

                Throughout, Fang Hui ignored Lin Mo, her son-in-law, and did not even consider Lin Mo's feelings.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, his attention was mainly on Xu Hanxia.

                After Xu Hanxia sat in the car, her brow had been furrowed, her expression very pensive, and she hadn't said a word since the beginning.

                This situation gives the impression that it is as if it is very impatient.

                Lin Mo's heart hurt, is it so impatient to let you go home with me? That Cui Yifan, is that so important?

                Not long after, the group arrived at the entrance of the district.

                Lin Mo went to park the car, Xu Hanxia three people went upstairs first.

                When Lin Mo returned home with his suitcase, he just heard Fang Hui's voice coming from inside the house: "Hanxia, your father was right. What future can you have with this Lin Mo?"

                "Everyone in the whole of Guangyang City knows that he hasn't touched you at all. Even if you divorce him now, you're still ice-clean and pure, there are plenty of rich boys to pursue you, you can definitely find someone a thousand times better than him, why do you have to hang yourself from this tree?"

                Lin Mo's heart ached, in fact, he had heard such words more than once.

                Pretending not to hear anything, he pushed the door into the house.

                When Fang Hui saw Lin Mo, she snorted coldly, and her face was not the least bit ashamed, instead she glared at Lin Mo demonstratively.

                "Even carrying a baggage is so slow, you're really a loser!" Fang Hui gritted her teeth and said, "Lin Mo, can you be a bit more impressive, can you make sure that Hanxia doesn't lose face because of you?"

                "What's wrong with me?" Lin Mo couldn't help but say.

                Fang Hui said angrily, "If it wasn't for you dragging things down, Hanxia would have talked to Cui Shao for a little longer today, and might have been able to negotiate a big deal, then our family could have at least gotten a new house. Just because you were there, you affected Cui Shao's mood, and a big deal was lost, do you know that?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, can this be blamed on me too?

                What kind of thoughts did that Cui Yifan have in mind, don't you know?

                According to you, I should have been a shrinking turtle and let my wife run off to hook up with another man in exchange for a so-called business deal?

                Lin Mo forced down his anger: "Ma ......"

                "Don't call me mother!" Fang Hui directly interrupted Lin Mo's words, "We are not that close!"

                Lin Mo's face was swollen red: "That Cui Yifan, has ill intentions towards Hanxia, these ...... you all know this. He doesn't want to talk business with Hanxia, he simply ...... wants to hit on Hanxia!"

                "So what?" Fang Hui exclaimed, "In business outside, socializing is inevitable. Other people have husbands who entertain outside, but you're a loser who wants your wife to entertain outside to support you, and you still have the face to tell Hanxia what to do?"

                Lin Mo said sharply, "I ...... have no way of telling her what to do ......"

                "That's enough!" Xu Hanxia shouted lowly, she glared at Lin Mo angrily, "I'm tired!"

                Xu Hanxia pushed the door and went into her room, Fang Hui gave Lin Mo an angry look, "Didn't you hear me? Hanxia is tired, why don't you quickly go and wash all of Hanxia's clothes? Also, you didn't come back all day yesterday, how many dishes are piled up in the kitchen, go and clean them all up!"

                Lin Mo gritted his teeth and eventually ran off and cleaned the room from top to bottom.

                In the past three years, he had already gotten used to all this.

                He didn't care how the Xu family treated him, the only thing he cared about was Xu Hanxia's attitude towards him!

                Now that he had received the inheritance of the family's jade pendant and possessed the ability to rule the lives and deaths of others, it was as easy as pie to rise to power.

                Or rather, he could now completely turn even the Xu Family into a major family in Guangyang City.

                But the question was, was the Xu family worth it to him or not?

                Everything depended on Xu Hanxia's attitude towards him!

                If Xu Hanxia didn't have any feelings for him, then it was time to let go of these three years of marriage.

                If Xu Hanxia has feelings for him, then he has to take up the responsibility of a husband.

                If you don't leave me, I will live and die for you!

                After gathering everything, Lin Mo went into his room.

                There were two beds in the room, a spacious king-size bed that belonged to Xu Hanxia. The other was a small bed, less than a metre wide, which belonged to Lin Mo.

                Xu Hanxia was sitting at the dressing table, dazed, as if she was thinking about something, with a sad expression.

                When she heard Lin Mo's voice, Xu Hanxia turned her head to the side and wiped away a few clear tears from the corners of her eyes.

                All this was taken in by Lin Mo. Lin Mo's heart was terrified, what had Xu Hanxia gone through?

                During these three years, Lin Mo knew Xu Hanxia very well. This was a stubborn woman, although she was known as the number one beauty in Guangyang City, she was never willing to do anything with her beauty and did everything by her own ability.

                From a bottom-level employee in her family's company, she has made her way step by step to the top of the hierarchy today, in charge of a company under her family, all by her own ability to fight her way out.

                She has never shed a single tear.

                What happened this time? Why did she become like this when she returned from this business trip? What had happened on this business trip?

                Lin Mo couldn't help but think of that Cui Yifan, remembering that night's phone call, his heart suddenly thumped.

                Did it mean that this Cui Yifan had done something unforgivable to Xu Hanxia?

                Lin Mo couldn't help but fiercely clench his fists, and a heart stabbed with pain.

                "Hanxia, what exactly ...... happened ......" Lin Mo asked in a low voice.

                Xu Hanxia glanced at Lin Mo, her expression cold: "Nothing!"

                Lin Mo tried his best to keep himself calm: "Tell me, or, I can help you."

                "You help me?" Xu Hanxia gave Lin Mo a cold look, "What will you use to help me? Lin Mo, you can't even take care of yourself, and you want to help me? Who are you to help me?"

                Lin Mo was at a loss for words, he couldn't tell Xu Hanxia that he had received his family heritage and was now a divine doctor, could he?

                Moreover, Lin Mo did not intend to reveal himself so early.

                He had to figure out Xu Hanxia's feelings for him before deciding, whether or not to tell Xu Hanxia this.

                "Lin Mo, you do your own thing!" Xu Hanxia said in a cold voice, "It's been three years, you've been in the hospital for three years. Everyone else is getting better and better, but you're the only one who's getting worse and worse."

                Xu Hanxia hated iron: "I heard that you didn't go to work all day yesterday, where did you go? Do you know how hard it is to get this job you have now?"

                Needless to say, it must have been Zhao Jiafan who had complained. Every time Lin Mo made a little mistake at the hospital, Zhao Jiafan would add fuel to the fire and give Xu Hanxia a complaint.

                On the one hand, it was to get in touch with Xu Hanxia more often. Secondly, it was also to combat Lin Mo.

                "I had something ...... yesterday," Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                "What was it?" Xu Hanxia asked rhetorically.

                "I ......" Lin Mo suddenly stuttered, he wanted to talk about his sister Lin Xi's matter. However, Xu Hanxia didn't even answer a single phone call, didn't this already indicate her attitude?

                If Lin Mo said anything more about his sister, he wouldn't get the slightest bit of sympathy, he would even be mocked!

                After gritting his teeth, Lin Mo finally couldn't help but say, "Then why haven't you answered a single phone call in the past few days?"

                Xu Hanxia froze for a moment and stared at Lin Mo for a while before suddenly saying angrily, "I answer the phone when I want to, and if I don't want to, I don't answer the phone. Lin Mo, do you really think you can control me?"

                "You ......" Lin Mo was extremely annoyed and hissed, "Xu Hanxia, what exactly do you take me for?"

                Xu Hanxia angrily asked in return, "And what exactly do you take me for?"

                Lin Mo lowered his head and didn't say anything. If it was before, he would have told Xu Hanxia without hesitation that she was his wife.

                But now, Lin Mo wouldn't say that, he felt disgusted!

                When he couldn't wait for a reply, Xu Hanxia became even more irritated and slapped the case, "Get out! Don't let me see you!"

Chapter 8

Lin Mo returned to Sheng Yuan Pharmacy, He Lao was not here, but the people in the shop were very respectful to Lin Mo.

                In the ward, Lin Xi was in a good condition, and Elder He had specially sent two nurses to guard her here.

                Not long after she sat down, a sudden clutter of footsteps came from outside.

                Immediately after, He Lao's driver, Xiao Liu, ran in.

                Seeing Lin Mo, Xiao Liu was overjoyed and said urgently, "Mr. Lin, you ...... are finally here!"

                "What's wrong?" Lin Mo said curiously.

                "Time is a little tight, can you come with me and we can talk while we walk." Xiao Liu said urgently, "Something has happened to He Lao!"

                Lin Mo immediately stood up, He Lao had treated him well. There was no way he could sit back and do nothing about He Lao's affairs.

                "Go!" Lin Mo followed Xiao Liu out the door, and Xiao Liu drove his car, driving rapidly towards the outskirts of the city.

                On the way, Xiao Liu also roughly told Lin Mo about the specifics.

                As it turned out, the matter still came out from Chen Shengyuan's place.

                There was a big brother behind Chen Shengyuan, named Nanba Tian, who was known as the first king of Guangyang.

                In Guangyang City, even the heads of the ten families had to bow down and submit when they saw Nan Batian.

                Nan Batian has an only daughter who was in a car accident last year and became a vegetable. Nan Batian had hired numerous famous doctors, but they were unable to cure her.

                Chen Shengyuan had taken the Little Returning Pill given to him by Elder He, and the effect was so good that he immediately asked Elder He to beg for one and gave it to Nan Batian so that his daughter could take it.

                The effect of the Little Returning Element Pill was certainly nothing to write home about, and after Nan Batian's daughter took the pill, she did have a miraculous effect. However, she never woke up.

                Chen Shengyuan then called Elder He to him and asked him to personally heal Nanba Tian's daughter.

                He Lao knew his own ability and originally excused himself. However, there was a divine doctor present and he was provoked by his words. In his anger, He Lao used needles to treat her, but he failed to wake up Nanba Tian's daughter.

                The divine doctor took the opportunity to tell Nanba Tian that this He Lao was a quack and that the pills had been stolen from him.

                In his anger, Nanba Tian was about to kill He Lao. He Lao hurriedly told him about Lin Mo, and Nanba Tian gave him two hours to find Lin Mo, and if he couldn't find him, he would kill him!

                Xiao Liu ran back and waited for half an hour for Lin Mo, so of course he didn't have time to talk to Lin Mo in detail on the spot.

                "Mr. Lin, that divine doctor is named Xie Fangming, he is from the Xie family of the ten great families, and can be ranked number one in medical skills in Guangyang City!"

                Xiao Liu whispered, "Elder He said that this person might covet the prescription in your hand, that's why he bit the bullet and said that the elixir was stolen from him by us. So, in a moment, you must be careful of this person!"

                Lin Mo frowned, it was already this time and Xie Fangming was still playing with the idea of the elixir, this kind of person was truly detestable.

                After saying this, Xiao Liu led Lin Mo to Nanba Tian's residence.

                Nanba Tian lived in a huge manor, covering an area estimated to be hundreds of acres, and filled with valuable plants.

                Inside, the penthouse was like a palace, and the decoration was extremely magnificent.

                In the room on the first floor, Lin Mo saw a group of people, and Elder He was among them.

                Beside Elder He was also standing a middle-aged man with a ghastly white face, none other than Chen Shengyuan.

                On the other side, there sat a middle-aged man with a sturdy figure and an extremely strong aura. His hair was slightly white and his sword eyebrows went straight to his temples, giving him an unruffled look.

                Without any introduction, Lin Mo knew that this man was the First King of Guangyang - Nanba Tian!

                "Mr. Lin ......" Seeing Lin Mo, He Lao was immediately filled with excitement, "You ...... you're here ......"

                Nan Baitian was also observing Lin Mo, and seeing that Lin Mo was so young and still wearing a ground floor outfit, he couldn't help but frown: "Is he the divine doctor you mentioned?"

                "Exactly!" He Lao nodded his head in a hurry.

                "Hehe, this is really, what kind of cats and dogs are coming out as divine doctors!"

                At this moment, an old man with a white beard beside Nanba Tian suddenly laughed, "Old He, you and I are also considered peers, so we should understand one thing. In medicine, there are no shortcuts. But all those who are highly skilled in medicine need to accumulate over a long period of time."

                "You have found such a hairless mouth, and you dare to call yourself a miracle doctor? Old He, do you really think that Mr. Nan is too lenient with you and you dare to deceive Mr. Nan indiscriminately?"

                This white-bearded old man was none other than Xie Fangming, known in Guangyang City as the number one divine doctor!

                Nan Batian's face was icy cold, how could such a young man be a divine doctor?

                Lin Mo suddenly said, "If age can determine medical skills, then wouldn't it be much better to find a kingpin than you?"

                "What did you say!?" Xie Fangming was furious.

                "I'm saying that something like you has lived all these years in vain!" Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                "How dare you!" Xie Fangming roared, "How dare you, a charlatan, act recklessly here. Someone, drag him out!"

                Lin Mo asked rhetorically, "Drag me out, Miss Nan's life, you'll save it?"

                "I ......" Xie Fangming stammered, he didn't have the ability to save anyone.

                "In that case, you can save my daughter?" Nanba Tian said in a deep voice.

                "What's so difficult about saving her?" Lin Mo glanced at Nanba Tian and said in a cold voice, "The most crucial thing is to cure her dark illness, which is slightly tricky!"

                "You ...... what did you say ......" Nanba Tian's face suddenly changed, full of shock.

                Lin Mo said, "What I said, you know in your own heart! When Miss Nan was born, she should have been no more than three pounds. Moreover, her mother died in childbirth when she was born!"

                "What the hell are you talking about?" Xie Fangming scoffed, "Hey, kid, you really don't know anything, do you? Three pounds of weight and you die in childbirth? You think it's thirteen pounds ......"

                He Lao also looked terrified, how was this possible?

                "Shut up!" Nan Batian suddenly roared in anger, scaring Xie Fangming.

                "Mr. Nan, he's clearly cheating. How is it possible to say that Miss Nan has a dark illness without even taking a look at her?" Xie Fangming looked at Lin Mo with cold eyes, "Kid, pretending to be a deceiver means that you are skilled in medicine? Oh, are all the charlatans nowadays so unprofessional?"

                Nan Batian gave Xie Fangming a cold look and said through clenched teeth, "What Mr. Lin said is exactly right, when my daughter was born, she was only two catties and seven taels. Moreover, her mother did die in childbirth!"

                "What?" Xie Fangming and Elder He exclaimed at the same time, this was too unexpected.

                "How could this happen?" Xie Fangming said in confusion.

                Nanba Tian gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, "My wife suffers from a blood disease, her blood lacks platelets, and once a wound appears, the wound cannot heal and she loses a lot of blood. At that time, when she gave birth, she suffered a hemorrhage and met with misfortune!"

                Xie Fangming and He Lao looked at each other, both of them were shocked to the core. Such a thing, Lin Mo could even see it with a single glance?

                Nan Batian looked at Lin Mo as if he had seen a savior and said in a trembling voice, "You ...... you can really save my daughter?"

                "I said, saving her, it's not difficult!" Lin Mo calmly said, "The dark disease, slightly more difficult, but, it's nothing!"

                Nan Batian took a deep breath and suddenly bowed down, "If you, sir, can save my daughter, everything I have, Nan Batian, can be shared with you in half!"


                The crowd around him exclaimed in shock, Nanba Tian, known as the Southern Half City, half of the industries in Guangyang City belonged to him.

                He wanted to share half of it to Lin Mo? What a huge gesture that was!

                "Hehe ......" Lin Mo sneered, "I don't need these things, however, seeing as you love your daughter so much, I'll help you out!"

                Nanba Tian couldn't help but freeze, this was the first time he had seen a character like Lin Mo who treated money like dirt!

                "Pretend, keep pretending." A fine aura flashed in Xie Fangming's eyes, "If you can't save Miss Nan today, you'll have to return our family heirloom elixir to me, including the prescription!"