Medical Genius Chapter 697

 The captain frowned as he gave Huang Liang a disgruntled look.

                Huang Liang was anxious: "Officer, they're lying."

                "This is where I was beaten up!"

                "Right at the door!"

                "They ...... are in league with that man, they're lying!"

                The captain waved his hand, "All right!"

                "We'll know what's going on when the surveillance is pulled up later."

                "But let me warn you first."

                "Perjury is punishable by law!"

                Several guards nodded at the same time, "Officer, what we said is true."

                "We didn't perjure ourselves!"

                "I think it's because he's trying to blackmail people on purpose!"

                Huang Liang was getting mad: "You ...... are spitting blood at people!"

                "Do you have no conscience?"

                "Why don't you tell the truth?"

                No one paid any attention to him.

                These security guards, all of them were Tiger's men, and Tiger had already explained what they should say.

                Huang Liang gritted his teeth, "Good, count on you guys having the guts!"

                "But let me tell you, it's useless to lie to people!"

                "Here we are, there are surveillance everywhere, this is hard evidence!"

                "When the evidence is brought in later, I'll make you all suffer!"

                The security guard in charge said slowly, "Manager Huang, we're all telling the truth."

                "You, on the other hand, deceiving a police officer is no small crime!"

                Huang Liang said angrily, "Humph, you're still talking tough at the end of your life!"

                "I want to see how long you can keep your mouth shut!"

                Not long after, the man who had gone to investigate the surveillance came back.

                The captain asked, "What happened?"

                The man shook his head, "The surveillance is broken, the video of today, all of it was not captured."

                "They've called to report it for repair."

                The captain frowned, "Such a coincidence?"

                Huang Liang, on the other hand, was confused, without the surveillance, and these witnesses didn't speak for him, then how could he sue Wang Zhou?

                "Officer, officer, this ...... is something they did on purpose!"

                "They deliberately lied and broke the surveillance on purpose, they did it to hurt me!"

                "Officer, you have to do it for me!"

                Huang Liang said with a sobbing voice.

                The captain glanced at him, although he didn't know exactly what was going on. However, he could tell that this Huang Liang was not well liked by anyone.

                Otherwise, how could none of them stand up for him.

                "How exactly, we will investigate clearly!"

                "However, before that, I hope to cooperate as well!"

                "If we end up investigating and it turns out that you lied, when the time comes, you will also be held legally responsible!"

                With those words, the captain led his own men to close the team.

                Huang Liang froze in place, completely dumbfounded.

                A few security guards, on the other hand, laughed and walked over to Tiger.

                Tiger glanced at Huang Liang: "Manager Huang, I've said it all."

                "You can't cut corners on this construction site!"

                "Look, this surveillance, you found someone to install it yourself."

                "I don't know how many kickbacks you've taken to come up with something so shabby."

                "It's just when it should be used, how come it's broken?"

                "Hey, really, you can't live with yourself!"

                Tiger said, leading a group of security guards and strutting past Huang Liang.

                Huang Liang was so angry that his lungs were about to explode, but in the end, he didn't dare to say a word.

                Tiger, was much more ruthless than Wang Zhou!

                After such an incident, Huang Liang had no face to stay here.

                He drove back home, ready to call Xu Dongxue back and discuss dealing with Lin Mo.

                As a result, as soon as he entered the house, he saw Xu Jiangong's three men sitting in the room in a huff.

                "Mom and Dad, why have you come back?" Huang Liang was surprised.

                Xu Jiangong said angrily, "I was going to say something about you!"

                "That security chief you arranged, what happened?"

                "Ended up kicking us out, you ......"

                "Huh? What's wrong with you?"

                Only then did the crowd see, Huang Liang's wretched appearance.