Medical Genius Chapter 695

 Huang Liang shuddered in fear and said in a trembling voice, "Brother, what the ...... hell is wrong?"

                "Where exactly did I go wrong, you do say something!"

                Wang Zhou grabbed a brick and threw it at him.

                Huang Liang hurriedly dodged and hurriedly said, "Brother, what ...... are you doing?"

                "We are our own brothers, where I have offended, you say a word, I will absolutely correct."

                "You ...... don't say anything here, how do you want me to correct it ......"

                Wang Zhou did not say anything at all, grabbed another brick and went up and caught Huang Liang by the neck.

                Huang Liang screamed in fear: "Are you fucking crazy?"

                "You think I'm afraid of you?"

                "I'll fight you!"

                Huang Liang roared and also punched Wang Zhou in the face.

                Wang Zhou didn't even back down from the blow, he just hit Huang Liang on the head with a brick.

                Huang Liang was knocked to the ground and staggered back a few steps.

                Wang Zhou rushed up and kicked him in the stomach, grabbed him by the neck and slapped him hard in the face.

                Huang Liang was a little confused by the beating and could only passively hold his head and dodge.

                "Get on your knees!"

                Wang Zhou roared again.

                Huang Liang was completely terrified and fell to his knees with a poof, saying in a trembling voice, "Brother, what's wrong?"

                Only then did Wang Zhou stop, cursing angrily, "Bastard, you still ask me what's wrong?"

                "You almost got me fucking killed!"

                "Thanks to my life, otherwise, my family would be finished now."

                "Fuck you, I really fucking want to get you killed!"

                Wang Zhou said, carrying a brick and running in anger again.

                Huang Liang hurriedly kowtowed, "Brother, brother, I'm wrong, I'm wrong ......"

                "I ...... what exactly have I done to harm you, tell me about it ......"

                "I really don't know what's going on ah ......"

                Wang Zhou angrily told the story of the day.

                Only then was it clear to Huang Liang what was going on, and he was confused.

                Xu Jiangong and the others had planned to help Wang Yiming take down Xu Hanxia today, and he was actually a bit reluctant.

                However, for the sake of the family fortune, he still instructed Wang Zhou to do the deed.

                But he didn't expect that this time, it would go so far.

                Wang Zhou was now beating him up, and he really had no words to say.

                "Fuck me, Lin Mo, that son of a bitch!"

                "He made all this happen, he deliberately caused me!"

                "Brother, wait, I'll make sure he gives you a statement!"

                Huang Liang gritted his teeth and said.

                However, he had misjudged the current situation.

                He thought that Wang Zhou was angry with Lin Mo, but he didn't know that Wang Zhou was now both respectful and grateful to Lin Mo.

                If he insulted Lin Mo in front of Wang Zhou, wouldn't that be seeking death?

                Wang Zhou came straight up and thumped him several times, all of which hit him in the face.

                Huang Liang was bruised and battered, and said in a trembling voice, "Brother, I ...... will help you take revenge, is that still okay?"

                Wang Zhou gritted his teeth and said, "You listen to me fucking clearly!"

                "From now on, Mr. Lin and Mr. Xu, are my life-savers."

                "If you dare to show any fucking disrespect to them, I'll fight you with this life!"

                "Anyway, this life of mine was saved by Mr. Lin and Mr. Xu, I don't mind giving it back to them!"

                "If you don't believe me, you can try it!"

                Huang Liang was dumbfounded, he couldn't imagine how his friend, could be so loyal to Lin Mo anymore!

                And just then, a few security guards wandered past in the construction site.

                When Huang Liang took a look, his eyes immediately lit up and he directly got up and said, "Hey, you guys, come here quickly!"

                "This son of a bitch is causing trouble here, how dare he hit me!"

                "Hurry up, hold him down, I'll beat him to death!"

                The guards looked this way and then at each other, and suddenly shouted, "Oops, there's a thief in the construction site!"

                "Go, go, go, go and catch the thief!"

                A few security guards turned and ran away, leaving Huang Liang frozen in place.