Medical Genius Chapter 694

 Wang Zhou didn't dare to speak either, so he knelt on the ground and waited.

                It was only when Tiger had finished with everything that he glanced at him, "Did Brother Lin send you here?"

                Wang Zhou hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin mentioned it and told me to come to Master Tiger to learn and study."

                "If there's anything you don't do thoughtfully in the future, I'd like to ask Master Tiger to give me more pointers!"

                Tiger nodded his head, with Lin Mo's words, he would not make things difficult for Wang Zhou.

                "Alright, you get up."

                "Since we'll all be eating in the same pot in the future, there's no need to bother with these little things."

                "If there's anything you can't handle back then, just contact me."

                Wang Zhou was overjoyed.

                With this word from Tiger, not only was his matter settled. The most crucial thing was that he was also tantamount to having Tiger's support.

                Tiger had said that if there was anything that could not be solved, you could contact Tiger.

                To put it plainly, it means that in the future, if you encounter anything outside, you can do things under my name of Tiger.

                In a word, this time, Wang Zhou could be said to have been blessed by the disaster.

                Of course, he was also more grateful to Lin Mo and Xu Hanxia.

                If it wasn't for Xu Hanxia's pleading, he might not have been able to tell what would have happened to him now.

                Tigers, they were not good men and women!

                "Thank you, Master Tiger, thank you, Master Tiger!"

                Wang Zhou thanked him repeatedly and bent over to exit Tiger's office.

                After coming out, Wang Zhou only felt refreshed and all the gloom was cleared away at once.

                He drove out of the construction site, and just as he reached the entrance, a BMW 7 Series drove up to him.

                Wang Zhou took a look and his eyes immediately went red.

                The person driving inside was none other than Huang Liang.

                Ever since Huang Liang came here to become the general manager of the construction company, he had been driving the family's BMW Seven Series.

                As for Xu Jiangong's promise to give this BMW to Lin Mo, he had long since left it behind.

                Huang Liang drove this BMW Seven Series every day, wandering around in front of his former friends, opening and closing his mouth about the billions of dollars of business, so he was very proud.

                During this period of time, Huang Liang has gathered a lot of people around him.

                Those who used to be better off than him were now all up on the pole to flatter him.

                Huang Liang's vanity was greatly satisfied!

                Wang Zhou directly rushed his car forward, stopping Huang Liang's car.

                Huang Liang had been flaunting his power for a while, no one had dared to treat him like this.

                Huang Liang immediately opened the car window and cursed, "Are you fucking blind?"

                "Can't you see I'm driving this way?"

                "If you rub up against my car, I'll kill you!"

                Wang Zhou didn't say anything, he just pushed open the car door and rushed out.

                When Huang Liang saw that it was Wang Zhou, he laughed: "Aiyo, who did I think it was, it was you!"

                "What's up, buddy, what's up?"

                "Right, how did you arrange for my old man and the others to go to the company today?"

                "Call out a few brothers tonight, I'll be the host, let's have a good meal?"

                Huang Liang still didn't know what had happened at the company.

                Wang Zhou, on the other hand, was blue in the face and ran angrily to Huang Liang's car, violently pulling open the door, grabbing Huang Liang's neck and ripping him out.

                "Old Wang, what are you doing!"

                Huang Liang exclaimed.

                But Wang Zhou didn't talk to him, he punched him in the face and then kicked him in the stomach.

                Huang Liang was kicked to the ground and was annoyed: "Are you fucking crazy?"

                "I'm Huang Liang, you hit me?"

                "Do you know that I am now in charge of billions of dollars of business, I want to kill you as if I were squashing an ant, you fucking ......"

                Without waiting for him to finish, Wang Zhou kicked him directly in the mouth.

                At once, Huang Liang's mouth and nose bled, and the words that followed were kicked back.

                Huang Liang pointed at Wang Zhou, whimpering and sobbing, and his face was embarrassed to the extreme.

                Wang Zhou picked up a brick from the ground and pointed at Huang Liang, cursing angrily, "Kneel down!"