Medical Genius Chapter 693

 Xu Hanxia didn't say anything and looked at Lin Mo who was next to her.

                Although she was the chairman of the company, when Lin Mo was around, she let Lin Mo take the lead on most things.

                This was the respect a wife had for her husband, and at the same time, it was also an attitude she proclaimed to the outside world.

                She wanted everyone to know that even though Lin Mo was a son-in-law at home, he still had the highest status in her heart.

                Moreover, Lin Mo was the one who made the decisions on matters at home!

                Lin Mo examined the security chief, Wang Zhou, and stared at him, causing Wang Zhou to sweat coldly.

                Although Lin Mo was usually unobtrusive, looking at Tiger's attitude towards Lin Mo, one could tell that this man was not simple.

                Only after a long time did Lin Mo say softly, "Wang Zhou, the company's security guards are all under your control, can you manage them well?"

                Wang Zhou was overjoyed: "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, you two can rest assured!"

                "I'll take care of the company's security, I'll take care of it!"

                "If anything goes wrong, I'll see you with my head!"

                "From now on, I'll only listen to you and Mr. Xu, I won't listen to anyone else!"

                "You two told me to go to the mountains of sword and the seas of fire, I absolutely will not frown!"

                Lin Mo nodded in satisfaction, "Alright, no need to talk so intimidatingly."

                "The company security piece, it's not much of a big deal."

                "The most important thing for you guys is to protect the chairman's safety, as well as the company from harassment."

                Wang Zhou nodded his head repeatedly, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it all!"

                Lin Mo said, "I don't know exactly what your relationship with Huang Liang is."

                "But since you've decided to stay and do something in the company, then do it properly."

                "You're working as a security guard now, but the company won't let any capable person get buried."

                "As you know, the company has opened a lot of businesses recently, and, there are many branches."

                "With these branches, we always have to send some people we can trust over to manage them."

                "Do you understand what I mean?"

                Wang Zhou was overjoyed, of course he understood what Lin Mo meant.

                Lin Mo was telling him that if he did a good job, if he could gain Lin Mo's trust. Then, in the future, he might also be able to become a middle or upper level in the company, or even a senior level.

                To put it bluntly, if he did well as a security guard over here, he would still have a chance to make big money in the future!

                The fact that Wang Zhou had come back from the dead this time, and had been promised such a deal, simply made him grateful.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Xu, you two don't worry."

                "I ...... I, Wang Zhou, swear on this life today that I will do absolutely well and be absolutely loyal!"

                Wang Zhou's voice was shivering.

                Lin Mo nodded: "Alright, just be able to do something."

                "Right, you go and find Tiger and apologise to him."

                "In the future, we will all eat in the same pot, some small grudges, there is no need to get into it!"

                Wang Zhou nodded his head repeatedly, "Yes, yes!"

                Walking out of the office, Wang Zhou took a deep breath and looked radiant.

                This time, he had come to apologise and show his loyalty, originally he wanted to thank for saving his life, but he did not expect that there would be an unexpected reward.

                As for the matter of asking him to apologize to the tiger, in fact, even if Lin Mo didn't say anything, he would still go and apologize.

                After all, at that time, he was choking the tiger, which was no small matter.

                It was just that Lin Mo himself speaking up would have made the matter very simple.

                Without Lin Mo's words, it might not be that easy for him to go and apologise.

                However, with Lin Mo's words, if he went to apologise again, the tiger would at least have to give Lin Mo face.

                After leaving Xu Pharmaceutical, Wang Zhou drove to Tiger's place first.

                Tiger was at the construction site office, and as soon as Wang Zhou entered, he directly fell to his knees with a poof.

                "Master Tiger, what happened today was because I was blind and had eyes that didn't recognize Mount Tai."

                "Please forgive me for offending you, Master Tiger, I'm here to make amends!"

                Tiger didn't even look at him, Tiger had seen this kind of kneeling down and begging for forgiveness too many times.