Medical Genius Chapter 692

 Tiger pointed at the security chief, "You kid, count on your life."

                "Since General Manager Xu has spoken personally, I'll spare you this time."

                "However, next time you do something unruly, humph, I dare guarantee that no one can save you!"

                The security chief trembled and said in a respectful voice, "Yes, Master Tiger!"

                "Don't worry, I'll listen to General Manager Xu and Mr. Lin from now on."

                Tiger nodded in satisfaction and looked at Lin Mo again with a smile, "Brother Lin, Chief Xu, I'll go back first then, ah."

                "The construction site has been undergoing external renovation recently, I have to go over there sometimes."

                Lin Mo nodded with a smile, and Xu Hanxia said even more gratefully, "Okay, thank you Brother Tiger ......"

                Tiger hurriedly said, "No, no, no ......"

                Xu Hanxia came back to her senses and smiled, "Oh, okay, thanks Tiger!"

                Tiger then smiled, "Okay, Mr. Xu, you guys are busy."

                Tiger led the people to disperse, and Boss Guan and the others, even more, ran away in a panic.

                It was a blessing that they were not involved in this matter!

                Next to them, the three remaining people, Xu Jiangong, looked at each other.

                The tiger's platitude had shocked them to the core, but at the same time, they were also annoyed to the core.

                This security chief, who they had placed in together with Huang Liang at that time, was for the convenience of controlling the company in the future.

                Now, this person had been controlled by Xu Hanxia, what control would they have over the company in the future?

                Xu Jiangong frowned and said in a deep voice: "Halfsia, you ......"

                Xu Hanxia waved her hand directly, "This is the company, I don't want to talk to you about anything else."

                "In the future, you should not just enter the company either."

                "Send them out, and in the future, when they come over, they are not allowed to go upstairs without my consent!"

                The security captain immediately said, "Yes, General Xu!"

                The security chief waved his hand and several security guards rushed over and practically set Xu Jiankong's few people out.

                In the end, Xu Jiangong's men were almost thrown out.

                The security chief hated them with a passion, and it was thanks to these people that he had almost died just now.

                Xu Jiangong got up angrily: "What are you doing?"

                "I'm Xu Hanxia's father, why can't I go in?"

                Xu Dongxue also said sharply, "Brother Zhou, we are all on our own."

                "You and Huang Liang are your own brothers, how ...... can you do that?"

                The security captain spat and cursed, "Fuck off!"

                "I almost let you bastards get me killed, and you still have the face to talk to me about one of your own?"

                "Go tell Huang Liang that I'm not finished with him!"

                "Fuck, when I get the time, I'll break his fucking legs!"

                "Fuck you, you dare to play me, you bastard!"

                "Keep an eye on him!"

                "If these three grandsons dare to come in again, just beat me out."

                After the security chief finished speaking, he directly turned around and walked away.

                Those few security guards stood at the entrance aggressively, holding sticks and staring straight at Xu Jiangong's few people.

                Xu Jiangong's three men looked at each other, and eventually did not dare to go over.

                They could not help it, these security guards had just escaped death and were extremely resentful towards them.

                Besides, Xu Hanxia had also given her word, so they didn't care what their relationship with Xu Hanxia was.

                If Xu Jiangong and the three of them really charged inside, these security guards would definitely dare to beat them up!

                In the end, they had to leave unhappily.

                The security chief ran to Xu Hanxia's office, straightened his clothes, and knocked respectfully on the door.

                "Come in!"

                Only then did the security captain push the door in, and as soon as he entered the room, he immediately bent over, "Mr. Xu, Mr. Lin, thank you both for saving my life."

                "I've also come to say a sincere word to you two."

                "In the past, I was indeed no good."

                "But, after this incident, I am sincere to change."

                "I won't say any more redundant words, in the future, you two will see how I behave."

                The security chief was sincere, and this was said completely from the heart.