Medical Genius Chapter 69-70

 Chapter 69


                Yao Dong had just returned to his office when Cui Yifan arrived.

                "Uncle, how did things go?" Cui Yifan was full of anticipation, "Did Lin Mo kneel down, or did he kowtow?"

                Upon hearing this, Yao Dong directly grabbed the folder on his desk and smashed Cui Yifan all over his face.

                "Kneel your ancestors, kowtow your grandfather!" Yao Dong broke into curses, "Cui Yifan, are you fucking trying to get me killed!"

                "What's wrong?" Cui Yifan was bewildered.

                Yao Dong was annoyed, "What's wrong? Do you know who Lin Mo invited to be his chaperone at noon today?"

                Cui Yifan: "Who?"

                Yao Dong took a deep breath and said through clenched teeth, "Zhao Qianyuan!"

                "Zhao ...... Zhao Qianyuan!?" Cui Yifan exclaimed, "Which Zhao Qianyuan?"

                Yao Dong was annoyed, "Which other Zhao Qianyuan could it be?"

                "It's that one, the son of the Zhao family who is in charge of the lifeline of all the banks in Guangyang City!"

                "Even the governors of the major banks in Guangyang Province, which one of them would not be respectful in front of him?"

                Cui Yifan drew in a breath of cold air, "No way? Uncle, did you make a mistake? Lin Mo, how could you hire Zhao Qianyuan?"

                "I'm fucking mistaken about someone else, I can be wrong about Prince Zhao?"

                Yao Dong shouted angrily, "What's more, Madam Zhao, and Duke Zhao's wife Xu Jing are all here. If I'm wrong about one, could I be wrong about a family?"

                Cui Yifan was dumbfounded, "They ...... What's their relationship?"

                "How should I know what the relationship is, calling them brother and sister anyway!" Yao Dong paused for a moment and said through clenched teeth, "Madam Zhao also took Xu Hanxia as her goddaughter, and not only that, she also gave Xu Hanxia that jade bracelet she was holding!"

                "What?" Cui Yifan exclaimed, "Madam Zhao's jade bracelet? Is it really true?"

                "I saw it with my own eyes, can it be fake! Yao Dong stared, "It's that jade bracelet that someone once offered three hundred million dollars, but couldn't buy, the one of the Empress of the Ming Dynasty!"

                "Oh my ...... God ......," Cui Yifan sat down paralyzed.

                Yao Dong roared low: "I'm warning you, don't mess with Xu Hanxia anymore!"

                "The Cui family is considered to have some heritage in Guangyang City, but that also depends on who it is compared to."

                "Madam Zhao, one word and the Cui family can be removed!"

                At the end of the evening, Lin Mo had just stepped out of the hospital when he saw Xu Hanxia standing smilingly at the door.

                Many people nearby were looking at Xu Hanxia with astonished faces, after all, this was the number one beauty in Guangyang City.

                Lin Mo walked over: "Why did you come here?"

                "The company is fine, so I came." Xu Hanxia took Lin Mo's arm: "You pick me up every time, today it's my turn to pick you up!"

                Lin Mo's heart warmed and he smiled lightly, "Thank you, dear wife!"

                Xu Hanxia spat lightly, but her face was already scarlet.

                "I'm not going home tonight, Mom and Dad are inviting someone to dinner tonight, let's go there together."

                "Who's invited?" Lin Mo said curiously.

                "A certain Boss Zhou." Xu Hanxia whispered, "Mom and Dad said that this Boss Zhou helped us solve the problem with the company's account, so they want to thank him."

                "However, I don't believe it."

                "Lin Mo, Brother Zhao's family doesn't look simple, this time, they must have helped, right?"

                Lin Mo smiled and didn't say anything.

                He couldn't reveal the matter of his medical skills, so he let the family of Duke Zhao help hide it.

                As for what Xu Jiangong Fang Hui thought, he didn't care.

                As long as he could help Xu Hanxia solve things and not make things difficult for Xu Hanxia, that would be fine.

Chapter 70

Seeing that Lin Mo did not speak, Xu Hanxia said softly, "Lin Mo, I don't know exactly what method you used to get to know Brother Zhao and the others. However, I still hope that you won't trouble Mr. Nan again in the future!"

                "Hanxia, I'm not bothering Mr. Nan!" Lin Mo said softly, "I also met Brother Zhao and the others because of an accident, I did Brother Zhao and the others a favour and they thanked me for it."

                Xu Hanxia asked, "What kind of favour?"

                "Uh ......" Lin Mo whispered, "Mrs. Zhao was almost hit by a car once and I pulled her out of the way just in time ......"

                "So that's it!" Xu Hanxia suddenly realized and smiled again, "Lin Mo, I really didn't expect that you were quite helpful!"

                Lin Mo smiled: "That's not true, your husband has a lot of good points about me!"

                "Pooh, you're so naive!"

                The two of them walked away laughing and joking, leaving only a group of people around them with resentful faces.

                "A nice flower, stuck in cow dung!"

                "Hey, this is the number one beauty in Guangyang City, how come she's with such a loser!"

                "Which part of me isn't better than Lin Mo?"

                The crowd muttered in low voices, all of them were envious and jealous.

                The evening treat was still arranged at the Yuelai Hotel.

                When they entered the private room, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui Huang Liang Xu Dongxue was all there.

                On the main seat sat a man in his forties or fifties, fat and white, wearing a glasses, a designer suit and a bright gold watch.

                Xu Jiangong and a few others were surrounding this man and patting him on the back. The man had an arrogant look on his face and only said a few words every now and then.

                Huang Liang, on the other hand, was looking like he had taken credit for his work and was sitting beside the man, smugly.

                When he saw Lin Mo Xu Hanxia enter, Huang Liang did not get up: "Sister Hanxia, you're here."

                "Quick, come and sit over here, sit next to Boss Zhou!"

                The man looked at Xu Hanxia with astonishment and eagerness, and even moved to the side, in that manner, to let Xu Hanxia sit beside him.

                Xu Hanxia did not go over, but sat with Lin Mo on the other side.

                "Hanxia!" Xu Jiangong angrily scolded, "Why are you so rude? Don't you know how to greet guests?"

                "Hello, Boss Zhou!" Xu Hanxia casually exchanged pleasantries.

                Boss Zhou looked slightly annoyed and smiled coldly, "Mr. Xu is really a big shot, how can we, the little people, be in Mr. Xu's good books?"

                "Since Mr. Xu has no intention of making friends, then forget it, let's not eat this meal!"

                "Aiya, Boss Zhou, don't be angry!" Xu Jiangong hurriedly smiled, "It's just a child, he doesn't know any better, I'll scold him!"

                Fang Hui glared, "Hanxia, how do you do things?"

                "Boss Zhou has helped us so much, why don't you quickly thank Boss Zhou?"

                Xu Hanxia's face was annoyed, she felt that what happened before must have been done by Mr. Zhao's family and had nothing to do with this Boss Zhou.

                However, for the sake of her parents, she still stood up, "Thank you, Boss Zhou!"

                Boss Zhou smiled, "It's not easy to get a word of thanks from General Xu."

                "I've done such a big job, and this attitude of Mr Xu, tsk, really gives face!"

                Xu Hanxia's brow furrowed and she was about to speak.

                Lin Mo preempted him by saying, "Boss Zhou, when I came in just now, I happened to see Manager Yao eating nearby."

                "Why don't we go and say hello to Manager Yao first?"

                A trace of trepidation flashed in Boss Zhou's eyes and he smiled, "Really? He's nearby too? Quite a coincidence."

                "But, say hello and forget it."

                "I'm going to go and worry that they're stressed about eating, so let's not affect people."

                "After we finish eating later, just ask him to come over and make a toast."

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui looked at each other, full of admiration.

                This was indeed a big shot, casually asking Yao Dong to come over for a toast?