Medical Genius Chapter 683

 Mr. and Mrs. Wang looked at each other, both of them could see each other's shock, and at the same time they both got excited.

                If his son could marry Xu Hanxia, wouldn't that be like marrying Old Lady Zhao's goddaughter?

                At that time, with a simple word from Old Madam Zhao, his family's assets might be doubled several times.

                The most crucial thing is that having Old Madam Zhao's backing is definitely better than working with the Wang family.

                The ten major families are in competition with each other.

                However, no one would dare to disrespect Old Madam Zhao!

                As long as Old Madam Zhao nodded her head, all those businesses that they couldn't do before would now be absolutely fine.

                That, is the point!

                Wang watched blearily as Xu Jiangong finished his phone call, and immediately smiled and said, "Mr. Xu, why don't we go in for another cup of tea and talk again?"

                Xu Jiangong could see what Wang had in mind and said with an arrogant face, "Tea, let's not drink it."

                "After all, my daughter is married, so she can't climb too high."

                "Mr. Wang, we are not destined for each other, so let's leave it at that!"

                With that, Xu Jiangong turned around and wanted to leave.

                Mr. Wang panicked and hurriedly said, "Aiya, Mr. Xu, I ...... I was just joking, you don't mind."

                "Where I have offended, I am here to apologize to you."

                "This ...... is a big deal after all, let's go back and talk more about it?"

                Mrs. Wang also hurriedly said, "In fact, I have always felt that this child, Hanxia, is really good."

                "At a glance, you two, as a couple, take the education of your children very seriously."

                "That quality, that manner of speaking, an absolute lady of the house!"

                "Aiya, this, I am far inferior to you guys."

                "Mr. Xu, Mrs. Xu, why don't you go in and teach me some experience in educating my children?"

                These horse's asses were soothing to Xu Jiangong and his wife to the extreme.

                Only then did the two of them nod, "Fine, since you don't feel aggrieved, let's talk again!"

                The four of them went back to their room, and this time, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiangong got the initiative completely.

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang, nodding their heads and speaking in a much more respectful tone, were no longer as high and mighty as before.

                As for things like Xu Hanxia having been married, it didn't matter.

                Not to mention that Xu Hanxia and Lin Mo were only married in name but not in reality, even if the two of them really had a strong relationship, so what?

                Such an opportunity would be enough to help their family soar to great heights, perhaps replacing one of the top ten families in the future, so would they miss it?

                Wang said all kinds of nice things, but Xu Jiangong's attitude was never cold or warm.

                And at that moment, Xu Hanxia also arrived.

                After greeting them, she went straight upstairs.

                Mrs. Wang quietly followed her and took a look.

                She saw that after Xu Hanxia went upstairs, Zhao Qianyuan's wife personally greeted her and the two were as good as sisters.

                Zhao Qianyuan, on the other hand, looked like a big brother, full of smiles.

                Xu Hanxia called out to her elder brother and sister-in-law and then went to sit down next to Old Mrs. Zhao, full of good manners.

                Old Mrs. Zhao was all smiles, and ignored the guests across the room, holding Xu Hanxia's hand and shushing her.

                Mrs. Wang was shocked.

                The guest sitting opposite was a middle-aged woman, whom Madam Wang did not recognise.

                However, she could clearly see three of the Ten Great Families' family heads, accompanying her next to her.

                Old Madam Zhao had personally appeared and the three family heads of the Ten Great Families were accompanying her, so it was evident how uncomplicated this guest, in the end, was.

                Even so, Old Madam Zhao still managed to leave the guest aside and treat Xu Hanxia with such intimacy.

                It was clear that Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiankong had not lied, and that Old Mrs. Zhao really liked Xu Hanxia and really treated her as her own daughter.

                The guest, too, was smiling and looking at Xu Hanxia, saying a few words every now and then, as if he was pleased with Xu Hanxia too.

                Mrs. Wang hurriedly went downstairs and quietly told Mr. Wang about this.

                Mr. Wang was shivering, he knew that he had come across a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!