Medical Genius Chapter 682

 This situation of Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiangong caused the whole crowd to be shocked.

                It was important to know that no one at the scene had a simple identity.

                However, they could only stand on the sides to greet Mrs. Zhao.

                For Xu Jiangong and his wife to rush out like this was a bit out of order and uninformed.

                What kind of relationship did they have with Old Madam Zhao to dare to stand in her way?

                However, instead of being the least bit angry, Old Mrs Zhao was full of joy: "Aiya, Hanxia isn't busy today?"

                "Great, I haven't seen her for a long time either."

                "Is she far from here?"

                "I'll ask the driver to pick her up!"

                At this, the surrounding crowd was even more shocked.

                Not only did Old Madam Zhao not get angry, she even spoke like this, what kind of relationship was this?

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang were even more wide-eyed, they didn't expect that the Xu family could still have such a relationship with Old Madam Zhao?

                Seeing the envious gazes of the crowd, Xu Jiangong could not help but feel smug in his heart and smiled, "It's alright, Hanxia is driving too."

                "She's not far from here, I'll have her come over now."

                Old Mrs Zhao smiled and nodded, "Sure, have her come upstairs later."

                After chatting for a few minutes, Old Mrs. Zhao went upstairs first.

                When Mr and Mrs Zhao Qianyuan passed by Xu Jiankong Fang Hui, they even greeted politely, "Uncle Xu, auntie, how are you!"

                At this moment, the surrounding crowd was once again shocked.

                Zhao Qianyuan was such a person, and was on a completely equal footing with these big bosses present.

                Even Mr. Wang, in Zhao Qianyuan's mouth, was only Old Wang.

                However, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiangong could be addressed as Uncle and Auntie Xu?

                What kind of relationship did these two families have, anyway?

                Unconsciously, the expressions on which the people looked at Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiankong changed.

                Even Mr. and Mrs. Wang were shocked and excited.

                As they watched the old lady Zhao's family go upstairs, Mr and Mrs Wang rushed over, "Old Xu, you ...... know old lady Zhao?"

                Xu Jiangong, now full of smugness, glanced at him, "Know?"

                "Oh, Old Wang, that's a bit wrong of you to say."

                "Our two families, they're godparents, do you understand?"

                "Old Mrs. Zhao, who likes my family Hanxia very much, is Hanxia's godmother."

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang were suddenly shocked, and Mr. Wang exclaimed, "Really?"

                "Old Mrs. Zhao, really ...... is really Hanxia's godmother?"

                Fang Hui sneered, "Then there is still a fake?"

                "Old Mrs. Zhao has a jade bracelet, did you know that?"

                "She has already given this jade bracelet to Hanxia!"

                "She said that this jade bracelet is passed on to women, not men."

                "My family's Hanxia, in her eyes, is no different from her own daughter!"

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang almost fainted.

                Old Madam Zhao's jade bracelet was unknown to everyone in the high society of Guangyang City.

                It was worth three hundred million dollars and had been Old Mrs. Zhao's heirloom.

                If this family heirloom could be given to Xu Hanxia, it would be enough to show the status Xu Hanxia had in her heart.

                Not her own daughter, but more like her own daughter!

                Moreover, Old Madam Zhao only had one son, not a daughter.

                She had expressed more than once that this was her regret, and now it seemed that she really considered Xu Hanxia as her own daughter.

                No wonder she smiled with joy when she heard about Xu Hanxia and specially instructed her driver to pick her up!

                In Guangyang City, even Nanba Tian would never be able to enjoy such treatment, to have Old Madam Zhao personally send someone to pick her up!

                It wasn't that Old Madam Zhao was so powerful, the key was that her seniority and influence were here.

                Nanba Tian was the first king of Guangyang, but he was still very respectful to Old Madam Zhao.

                After all, when Nanba Tian started his family, he had received some help from Old Mrs. Zhao.

                Nanba Tian was grateful, and so, to the Zhao family, he always remained grateful.

                It could be said that Xu Hanxia, was the only one, who could make Old Madam Zhao personally send a car to pick her up.

                This level of importance, that still needs to be said?