Medical Genius Chapter 681

 When Wang heard this, he was also shocked.


                "She's already married?"

                "That's not nonsense!"

                "What's the point of dating when you're married?"

                Wang was so angry that he got up to leave.

                Xu Jiangong hurriedly said, "Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, please don't rush, listen to my explanation."

                "That's right, Hanxia is married, but that's just a son-in-law recruited for the family, he's simply a loser."

                "My daughter doesn't like him at all. They've been married for three years and they sleep in separate rooms."

                "Their marriage is not real."

                "It's because that boy is greedy for my family's property and he's always stuck around."

                "Otherwise, we would have kicked him out long ago!"

                Mr. Wang still frowned, "Hmph, I don't care what kind of son-in-law you have."

                "My Wang family, definitely will not marry a woman in a second marriage!"

                Mrs. Wang also had a cold face, "Xu Jian Gong, are you insulting our Wang family?"

                "My son is so outstanding, and you're introducing him to a second-hand woman?"

                "What, do you really think that we are good at talking and can do whatever we want?"

                "Let me tell you, just because my husband has a good temper doesn't mean he doesn't have one."

                "If you humiliate us, you are humiliating the Wang Family of the Ten Families, weigh yourself, do you have what it takes to fight the Wang Family?"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was shivering with fear, and the two of them were also trying to hide it with a fluke mentality.

                When Wang Yiming was so deep in it that he couldn't extricate himself, then he would say the truth. By then, Wang Yiming would not be able to give up and the matter would be a done deal.

                Unexpectedly, the matter was exposed so quickly, and the two of them were now at their wits' end.

                Just then, a voice suddenly came from outside the door, "Quick, Old Madam Zhao is here, have the room arranged inside."

                "The people outside hurry up and get ready to greet."

                "Has the manager come yet?"

                "Tell him to hurry up, Old Madam Zhao has come for a visit, she must be greeted grandly!"

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang's faces changed and they exclaimed, "Old Mrs. Zhao is here?"

                "Gosh, hasn't she not been going out for a long time?"

                "Aiya, this time, we've come to the right place."

                "Let's go, go out to greet and say hello."

                After Mr. and Mrs. Wang finished speaking, they immediately got up and went out, ignoring Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui at all.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui looked at each other, the two of them quite shocked.

                Old Mrs. Zhao? Could it be the one they knew? Xu Hanxia's godmother?

                "Why don't we go out and take a look too?"

                Fang Hui whispered.

                Xu Jiangong nodded, and the two of them quietly followed and slipped out.

                At this moment, many people had already come to the courtyard.

                Those who could come here to have tea were all big and prestigious people in Guangyang City.

                Wang stood inside, and was also of the unobtrusive kind.

                And all these people, now standing respectfully in the courtyard, were waiting.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was shocked, this old lady Zhao's influence was too great, wasn't it?

                Not long after, a Rolls Royce drove in.

                The manager himself ran over and opened the door respectfully.

                Mr and Mrs Zhao Qianyuan got out first, and Mrs Zhao, now holding her pregnant belly, was glowing with joy.

                Zhao Qianyuan helped the old lady Zhao, who was behind him, out of the car again.

                There was a clamour as people greeted Old Madam Zhao.

                "Old Mrs Zhao, long time no see!"

                "Old Mrs. Zhao, good health!"


                Old Mrs. Zhao was full of smiles and waved her hand in greeting, as a greeting to the crowd.

                When they passed by Mr. and Mrs. Wang, Mr. Wang said with a respectful face, "Hello, Old Mrs. Zhao."

                Old Mrs. Zhao also just smiled and waved her hand, no different from how she treated the others.

                At this moment, however, Mr. and Mrs. Xu Jiangong suddenly greeted them and said smilingly in full view of everyone, "Old Madam, it's been a long time."

                "Aiya, I didn't even know you were coming here."

                "My family Hanxia misses you, I'll call her now and ask her to come over to keep you company?"