Medical Genius Chapter 678

 Mr. Wang glared at his son and said indignantly, "Why are you so superficial?"

                "Is it important to marry a good-looking wife?"

                "The most crucial thing is that you have to be able to run a family and help your career, understand?"

                Mrs. Wang shook her head, "You can't say that either."

                "It's true that you should marry a virtuous wife, but you should at least be able to hold your own."

                "My son is so handsome, if he were to find an ugly one, I would be the first to disagree!"

                Wang Yiming was full of smugness, "Dad, look at my mother, she cares for her son."

                "Can't you think of me, do you want me to look at an ugly face every day?"

                "Then I might as well die!"

                Mr. Wang slapped him, "Shut up!"

                "Cut the crap, since you're here, go in and take a look!"

                Wang Yiming shook his head very dryly, "I'm not going in."

                "You want to go, you go, I ......"

                Before the words were finished, a pure white Maserati SUV suddenly drove up in the courtyard and happened to be parked in the adjacent space.

                From the car came out a tall woman wearing sunglasses that covered half of her face, but one could still tell that it was a stunning beauty.

                Wang Yiming's eyes went straight, looking straight at the woman as she walked into the restaurant and said excitedly, "Mom, this is nice."

                "I've got my eye on this one!"

                "Tell you what, you guys go in and help me put off that blind date, I'll go and get a contact from this beauty."

                Saying that, Wang Yiming hurriedly followed him in.

                Mr. and Mrs. Wang were helpless, their own son was like this.

                A philandering young man, a fop, with those rich second generation, all he knew was to pick up girls all day long.

                The so-called Cambridge University graduate, managing several companies, was actually all their bragging.

                Wang Yiming, just a graduate of a foreign pheasant university, his family spent a lot of money to let him sit in Cambridge for a few days, and then he went around proclaiming that he was a Cambridge graduate.

                At this moment, the sunglasses woman walked into the restaurant and took off the sunglasses on her face, revealing a stunning face, none other than Xu Hanxia.

                She had just come out of the office and rushed here.

                As soon as she appeared, she immediately attracted the attention of everyone in the room.

                The men, all of them, were full of amazement.

                This number one beauty in Guangyang City was definitely not an empty statement!

                Xu Hanxia sought out her parents and immediately walked over to them.

                "Mom and Dad, what's so important?"

                "I still have things to do at the company, why do I have to come over at this time?"

                Xu Hanxia said curiously.

                Fang Hui laughed, "Aiya, since we're looking for you to come, there must be something important."

                "No, there's a boss we met before, and our company's business, there's a lot of overlap."

                "It's a big boss, so we just wanted you to come out, meet with them, and see if we could work together on something by the way!"

                Fang Hui was fooling around, and of course she didn't dare to tell Xu Hanxia that this was a blind date for her.

                Otherwise, Xu Hanxia would definitely not give them face and would definitely turn around and leave.

                Only if they said that there was business, would Xu Hanxia stay.

                Sure enough, Xu Hanxia nodded, "Alright, it's just about time for dinner, so let's stop by and have a meal together."

                "Mom and Dad, you guys don't have to work too hard in the future."

                "I'll worry about the company, I'll be fine!"

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui nodded with a smile as Xu Jiangong suddenly said, "Oh, right."

                "Hanxia, the first time we meet, let's not talk too much about business matters."

                "Otherwise, it would seem too purposeful."

                "Pull up some family business, have a casual meal, and it will be easier to work together next time you want to, understand?"

                Xu Jiangong said this because he was worried that in a moment Xu Hanxia would all talk business and poke holes in the lies they had both told.

                Xu Hanxia was surprised, but didn't say anything more.