Medical Genius Chapter 676

 Finally, Lin Mo left Wu Zhai with the dan furnace.

                He Qianxue hummed a little song while driving, not to mention how happy she was.

                This time, she had once again seen what Lin Mo was capable of, and she worshipped him even more in her heart.

                He Qianxue suddenly said, "Huh? What's going on over there?"

                Lin Mo looked over in the direction He Qianxue pointed, only to see that there was a group of people in the distance, beating up several people.

                The few people being beaten were none other than Huang Yongwen's few people.

                And at the very outside, there was another person standing, none other than Li Dunwen.

                It looked like it was Li Dunwen who was leading the group to clean up Huang Yongwen's few people.

                At this auction, Huang Yongwen had humiliated Lin Mo in public, causing Li Dunwen to incorrectly estimate Lin Mo's strength and causing Li Dunwen to suffer heavy losses.

                This was a debt that Li Dunwen certainly had to settle on Huang Yongwen's head.

                This Huang Yongwen said that he was a relative of the Huang family, but in fact, the Huang family did not approve of them at all.

                Even if Li Dunwen beat him to death, the Huang family would not say anything.

                Lin Mo skimmed his lips, "There's nothing to see, let's go."

                He Qianxue also saw what was going on over there, but she was full of excitement, "How come it doesn't look good?"

                "I feel pretty good!"

                "Let's go, go over and take a look!"

                Saying that, He Qianxue really drove over.

                Lin Mo was helpless, this He Qianxue, really liked to get together.

                When he saw someone driving over, a few of Li Dunwen's men immediately came over to stop him.

                He Qianxue poked her head out, "It's alright, we just came to watch the fun."

                When Li Dunwen saw He Qianxue, his eyebrows furrowed.

                He knew He Qianxue's identity and did not dare to do anything to her, so he could only wave his hand and instruct his men to back off.

                He Qianxue drove to the scene and opened the car door, as if watching a show, and looked at the few people who were beaten with a smile.

                Huang Yongwen's men had all been pinned down and beaten, including that Mo Lun.

                Don't look at him as some kind of taekwondo champion, he was surrounded by three people, his legs were all broken and he couldn't use any of his paths.

                As for Zhao Ya, she was also beaten to the point that her face was covered in blood, and she knelt on the ground and kept begging for mercy: "Don't hit, don't hit, I know I'm wrong, spare me ......"

                At this time, these few people could not care about their faces.

                The first thing that happened was that they were really ready to beat them to death!

                Li Dunwen glanced at Lin Mo in the car and his face became even colder.

                He Qianxue laughed, "You don't have to mind us!"

                "We're just here to watch the fun, you guys go on."

                "Do whatever you want, don't care about us."

                Li Dunwen took a deep breath and said in a cold voice, "Break all their dog legs and throw them to the river."

                "Also, take away all communication tools!"

                "Count yourselves lucky if you make it back alive!"

                "If you die here, you deserve it!"

                Huang Yongwen was paralysed with fear, for this river was normally off the beaten track.

                If they were thrown here with their legs broken and their communication tools taken away, wouldn't they be dead?

                "Uncle Li, I really know I'm wrong."

                "Please spare me, give me a chance, for the sake of my father."

                "Uncle Li, you've forgotten, my dad even invited you to dinner!"

                Huang Yongwen begged in a trembling voice, tears coming out of his eyes.

                As for the other few people, they were crying even more miserably.

                Li Dunwen didn't even look at him, and simply turned around and walked away.

                Those men took their sticks and surrounded them aggressively.

                Seeing this, Zhao Ya suddenly turned towards Lin Mo and knelt down, "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, save me."

                "For the sake of Halfsia, save my life, I will never forget your great kindness in this life."

                "Lin Mo, please ......"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly and before he could speak, He Qianxue had already snatched the words, "Now you know to seek Lin Mo for help?"

                "That wasn't the attitude you guys had when you humiliated Lin Mo back then."

                "People, all of you have to pay for what you've done!"

                "You guys, you just deserve it!"