Medical Genius Chapter 675

 Fatty Feng said in a trembling voice: "Mr. Lin, that ...... then, how about you go to my place and help us look at it?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "No need."

                "You give me the potion furnace, I'll just refine the medicine for you directly here."

                Fatty Feng was surprised, didn't even need to see the patient?

                He immediately took the dan furnace to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo wrote a prescription and asked Lin Zhao to help dispense the medicine.

                As for himself, he carefully cleaned this dan furnace.

                This kind of potion furnace, refining medicine for a long time, stained with a lot of potion breath. It must be cleaned up, otherwise, it will affect the efficacy of the medicine in the future.

                The method of cleaning, not the usual water cleaning, but to use a special method.

                After Lin Mo cleaned up, the breath inside the potion furnace is gone.

                Huo Dong also happened to get the herbs back.

                Inside these herbs, there are two flavors of medicine that are relatively scarce.

                Fortunately, Wu Zhai here, everything is available, easily matched.

                Lin Mo had someone find a charcoal fire, divided these herbs into two categories, according to different times, respectively, added to the dan furnace, and began to refine medicine.

                Fatty Feng Lin Zhao and others looked on in amazement, but it was the first time they saw someone refining medicine.

                Pill refining is not an easy task, two hours have passed, Lin Mo side is still not practiced.

                However, at this time, the strange itch on Fatty Feng's body began to erupt, and he kept scratching, his expression unbearable to the extreme.

                Lin Mo glanced at him: "Come here and stand next to the dan furnace."

                Fatty Feng immediately ran over and whispered, "Mr. Lin, is there ...... any way to help me control it?"

                "It's too unbearable!"

                Lin Mo: "You can just suck two mouthfuls of the mist coming out of this dan furnace."

                Fatty Feng's eyes lit up, immediately came up and sucked two mouthfuls hard.

                Not to mention, after these two inhalations, Fatty Feng soon felt the strange itch on his body disappeared.

                This, too, made Fatty Feng even more shocked at Lin Mo.

                "Mr. Lin is really a god!" Fatty Feng couldn't help but exclaim.

                Lin Zhaoge was also full of astonishment, Lin Mo this medical skill, is also too divine, right?

                You know, when Fatty Feng came over, he asked Lv Sanzhen to look at it.

                Lv three needles also can not say a reason.

                Lin Mo just a little mist, have stopped his strange itch?

                After another hour or so, the pills finally came out of the oven.

                This time, more than thirty pills were made.

                Lin Mo took ten of them out and put them into a porcelain bottle, these were for himself.

                The rest, all of them were given to Fatty Feng.

                "One for each person, eat it and you'll be fine."

                "Not only can this disease be cured, it can also nourish the five internal organs, which will be very beneficial to your bodies."

                Lin Mo said.

                Fatty Feng was like a treasure, holding those pills, his eyes were red.

                His most precious thing was his little son, but now he was watching his little son about to step into death.

                Now that he was finally saved, he couldn't say how happy he was!

                "Mr. Lin, a great kindness is not appreciated."

                "This kindness, Mister Feng remembers it!"

                "If there is any need in the future, I will definitely go through fire and soup!"

                Fatty Feng said excitedly.

                Lin Mo nodded calmly: "No need to be polite!"

                "As I said, the potion furnace is the consultation fee."

                "I cured the disease, so I'll take the consultation fee."

                Fatty Feng hurriedly said, "Mr. Lin, if you say that, you are slapping my face."

                "What is this one potion stove, what you saved, is our family's life!"

                "This is not something that can be measured in value, anyway, I remember this favor!"

                I have to say, this fatty Feng is really a person who knows how to repay his kindness.

                Lin Zhao was also full of shock after watching all this from the side.

                Glancing at He Qianxue again, he finally understood why He Qianxue had such an attitude towards Lin Mo.

                This kind of divine doctor, this kind of strength, where is some kind of soft rice eating wimp ah?

                If this grows up, is definitely a generation of lord ah!