Medical Genius Chapter 674

 Fatty Feng looked miserable and sighed, "Master Zhaoge, I ...... I really don't mean to harm you."

                "This magic weapon, I got it more than ten years ago, is really able to prolong life, the effect is very good."

                "However, recently my family had these things happen one after another, I went to a master divination."

                "The master said that my fortune has declined in the past few years, and this magic weapon is incompatible with me. Therefore, I must sell this magic weapon."

                "For one thing, it can save your life, and for another, it can also preserve your luck."

                "Actually, the magic weapon is no problem, the problem is my personal fortune ah!"

                Lin Zhao half-heartedly.

                Lin Mo laughed lightly: "Fatty Feng, this master you found, is still a bit capable."

                "At least, he can see that the problem is in this magic weapon."

                "However, it has nothing to do with luck!"

                Fatty Feng was surprised: "If it's related to this magic weapon, then why is it not related to fortune?"

                Lin Mo said softly: "Within the last three months, have you ever bought ivory products?"

                Fatty Feng thought: "Yes, I bought a few ivory cups, why?"

                Lin Mo said, "Think carefully, is it that these things happened after the ivory cups were taken home."

                Fatty Feng exclaimed: "Oops, you do not say, I have not thought in this regard."

                "It's true, ever since those cups were taken back, there has been a series of accidents at home."

                "Mr. Lin, do you mean that the problem lies in those cups?"

                Lin Mo shook his head: "There is no problem with the cups!"

                Fatty Feng: "Then it is still the problem of the magic weapon?"

                Lin Mo shook his head again: "There is no problem with the magic weapon either!"

                Fatty Feng was confused: "Then what is the problem?"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly: "There's a problem when the cup and the magic weapon are put together."

                Fatty Feng's eyes widened: "Why?"

                Lin Mo said, "The magic weapon you are talking about is actually not a magic weapon, but a dan furnace, a furnace specifically used for alchemy."

                "In ancient times, alchemists would use some strange medicines."

                "This dan furnace has the residual aura of the medicine left behind at the beginning."

                "Under ordinary circumstances, the breath of these elixirs can indeed cure diseases and prolong life."

                "However, this elixir left behind by this dan furnace is compatible with ivory."

                "If there are ivory products at home, the breath of this elixir will turn into a deadly poison."

                "Anyone who has used that ivory cup will be contaminated with this poison."

                "No matter which hospital you go to, it is impossible to check out and end up dying a bizarre death!"

                Fatty Feng was dumbfounded and said in a trembling voice, "Is this ...... true?"

                "Mr. Lin, is it really true?"

                Lin Zhaoge also said in confusion, "Mr. Lin, you know about medicine?"

                He Qianxue immediately said, "Brother Lin doesn't just know the art of medicine, he is now the number one divine doctor in the six provinces!"

                "Lv Sanzhen, did you see that!"

                "He was defeated under Big Brother Lin, that's why he is so respectful to Big Brother Lin!"

                Lin Zhaoge and Fatty Feng looked at each other, they were also wondering how such an arrogant person like Lu Sanzhen could be so respectful to a young man.

                Now, they finally understood what was going on!

                Fatty Feng was also really resourceful and immediately said, "Divine Doctor Lin, save me!"

                "I'll give you this dan furnace, and, no matter how much money I ...... I'll give you."

                "Please save me, and my poor little son."

                "He ...... is in a worse condition than I am, I'm afraid he won't last long ......"

                Lin Mo nodded and said, "As I said, you are still very sincere."

                "So, I don't want the money, just give me the dan furnace, it's considered a consultation fee."

                "After receiving your consultation fee, I will definitely save you!"

                Fatty Feng was overjoyed, and at the same time, he finally understood exactly what Lin Mo had just said!