Medical Genius Chapter 673

 This fatty Feng is willing to take out 40 million to make friends, which shows his sincerity.

                Moreover, he can sit next to Lin Zhao, the two are still talking and laughing, it is clear that this person's identity is not simple.

                Such a person, many people want to climb high can not climb high, but now so sincerely want to make friends with Lin Mo.

                If the people outside know, it is estimated to be another shock.

                Lin Mo glanced at Fatty Feng and laughed lightly, "One hundred and fifty million?"

                "You give it to me?"

                When these words came out, several people in the room were frozen.

                He Qianxue was also full of fog and whispered, "Brother Lin, this is my godfather's friend, you ...... you give him some face."

                "This money, I'll ask my grandfather to help you get some back ......"

                Lin Mo shook his head and said softly, "I'm just kidding!"

                Fatty Feng immediately laughed: "Aiyo, Mr. Lin is really humorous."

                "I just love making friends with young talents like Mr. Lin!"

                "How about this, I'll give up one more step, 130 million will do!"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Money is not necessary."

                "Mr. Feng, I'll just take this dan furnace, you don't need to pay me!"

                Fatty Feng thought Lin Mo was joking and laughed: "Aiya, Mr. Lin, you're such a humorous person."

                Lin Mo: "What I said is true."

                Fatty Feng looked at Lin Mo and saw that he really didn't look like he was joking, and his face suddenly became gloomy.

                "Mr. Lin, Mr. Feng is really sincere to make you a friend."

                "But, after all, this is more than 100 million, and you won't pay a single penny, I'm afraid this is not justified, right?"

                Lin Zhao also frowned and said, "Wu Zhai's rules, you have to pay when you finally get the auction."

                "Lin Mo, you're Qianxue's friend, I'll give you face."

                "But that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "I'm not acting recklessly."

                "What I said is true."

                "Fatty Feng, I don't want your money, just give me this dan furnace!"

                Fatty Feng was annoyed: "Who are you to ask me for money?"

                "You want my stuff now, and you want me to give you money?"

                "There's no such thing!"

                Lin Mo said slowly: "Fatty Feng, you're not the kind of person who lacks money either."

                "One hundred million or two hundred million, it doesn't mean much to you."

                "For this amount of money, yet you put a magic weapon that can prolong life out for auction, huh, exactly why, you know very well in your heart, right?"

                Fatty Feng's face changed slightly and immediately said, "I recently had a few businesses and my liquidity on hand was insufficient, so I needed some money."

                "Otherwise, I wouldn't have auctioned this magic weapon!"

                Lin Mo smiled coldly: "Fatty Feng, a clear person does not say dark things."

                "If I'm not wrong, your family should have had several people die strangely recently."

                "Not only that, even you yourself, also suffer from a strange disease."

                "Every night after ten o'clock, all over the body strange itch unbearable, unable to sleep."

                "The people who died in your house, before they died, were also in the same condition, right?"

                Fatty Feng's face changed sharply and looked at Lin Mo with wide eyes: "You ...... how do you know?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Not only do I know, I know exactly what's going on."

                "If it wasn't for this matter, you wouldn't be selling this magic weapon!"

                "This magic weapon is now for you, not a treasure to calm the house, but a hot potato, a threat that will kill you at any time!"

                "You only want to sell this thing now to save your own life!"

                Fatty Feng's face was pale: "Mr. Lin, you ...... who the hell are you?"

                "My family's affairs, how would you know?"

                Lin Zhao's face was puzzled: "Fatty Feng, what's going on?"

                "This magic weapon, what's wrong with it?"

                "You brought it to me for auction, are you trying to harm me?"