Medical Genius Chapter 672

 With a cry of alarm, the whole room was shocked.

                Zhang Qian said sharply, "How is that possible?"

                "Muay Thai fighters, resistance to strikes are very strong!"

                "How is it possible that he died in one go?"

                At this moment, Huo Dong had already run over.

                He looked at Chachai, who was lying on the ground, bleeding from all seven orifices, and examined him again, and his face suddenly changed.

                "Master Zhaoge, he's really dead!"

                "Almost all the bones in his body are broken!"

                "The internal organs are probably all broken, otherwise, he wouldn't be bleeding from seven orifices!"

                Huo Dong exclaimed.

                This time, the whole room is even more uproar.

                Just now, when someone said Chachai was dead, they thought they were mistaken.

                Now Huo Dong personally checked, then there is definitely no fake.

                Everyone looked at Lin Mo in the ring in shock, who could have imagined that this ordinary-looking Lin Mo had such a terrifying strength.

                Below the ring, Li Dunwen and Li Ruowu were all pale.

                Especially Li Ruowu, this time, he completely understood that Lin Mo had just struck him, but was completely lenient.

                Otherwise, his old bones, it is estimated that can directly break apart!

                Lin Zhaoge's eyes shone brightly as he looked at Lin Mo in the ring in surprise.

                Only after a long time did he whisper, "Eight Extremes Fist, Sticky Mountain Lean!"

                "This young man, he knows both Wing Chun and Baji, how did he practice?"

                He Qianxue, however, was overjoyed and hurriedly said, "Godfather, did Lin Mo win?"

                "Is there no need to fight?"

                "This magic weapon, it can be given to Lin Mo, right?"

                Lin Zhaoge slowly nodded his head.

                The rules of Wu Zhai were like this, the winner was determined in the ring.

                If you can win the fight, then no one can say anything!

                Although Lu Zhongze did not fight, all he had now was gratitude.

                Fortunately, the people on his side did not get into the ring, otherwise, it would be a dead man!

                Moreover, now it seems that this Lin Mo is really not simple.

                Such a person, it's better to mess with less!

                As for the distant Zhao Ya and others, they were completely dumbfounded.

                They thought that Lin Mo was dead, but who would have thought that things would turn out like this.

                Huang Yongwen trembled: "This ...... how is this possible?"

                "All of a sudden, the person was hit and killed, this fight fake boxing, right?"

                Yuan Feng broke into a curse: "Your fucking brain was kicked by a donkey?"

                "Who have you seen who used their lives to fight fake punches?"

                "Also, didn't you just see that?"

                "This kid was knocked out, that rope outside was broken, and flew out more than ten meters, and slid out so far on the ground."

                "This is more terrifying than a truck crashing into it!"

                Zhao Ya looked to Molen: "This ...... this is human power can do?"

                Mo Lun is close to collapse at this moment: "This is simply impossible ah!"

                "How is this possible?"

                "How can one person knock another away so far ah?"

                "I ...... I really have never heard of ah, even Tyson can not do ah!"

                Zhao Ya was instantly silent.

                She now kind of understand, Lin Mo, really not ordinary people ah!

                In the end, no one else went to the ring, this dan furnace, it went to Lin Mo.

                When the auction ended, He Qianxue happily ran over and hugged Lin Mo's arm and wouldn't let go.

                Lin Mo also can't do anything about her, can only let her go.

                Just a moment, this little girl, but scared a lot.

                Not long after, Huo Dong found Lin Mo, let him go to the back to pay.

                When he got to the back, Lin Zhao was sitting in the living room.

                Next to him, there was a fat man, smiling, as if a smiling Buddha.

                Seeing Lin Mo, Lin Zhaoge showed respect for the first time and got up accordingly.

                "Elder brother Lin, that move just now to stick to the mountain, it is really not simple!"

                Lin Mo smiled lightly and nodded, exchanging a few pleasantries, Lin Zhao then introduced that fatty to Lin Mo.

                "His name is Fatty Feng, and he is the seller of that magic weapon."

                "Our final auction price was 190 million, but, Fatty Feng wants to make you a friend."

                "So, he said, you only need to pay 150 million!"