Medical Genius Chapter 671

 Lin Zhaoge did not speak, Huo Dong whispered: "Very scary."

                "Muay Thai is ferocious, striking without mercy, killing people in the ring is a common occurrence!"

                He Qianxue panicked: "Godfather, then ...... then what can be done to keep them from fighting?"

                "How about you ...... you ask them to give this magic weapon to big brother Lin?"

                "How much money, I make up for it all!"

                Lin Zhao shook his head, "Rules are rules."

                "Qianxue, since this person walked into the ring, he is responsible for his own life and death."

                "If he doesn't have the ability to walk down, then he deserves it."

                "If he has the ability to walk down, naturally he can also win respect!"

                He Qianxue's face was pale, she was worried about Lin Mo.

                At this moment, in the ring, Chachai's kneeling had ended.

                He stood up, his gaze was like a torch, staring deadly at Lin Mo.

                Suddenly, he let out a roar and made a fierce charge, heading straight for Lin Mo.

                When he was still two meters away from Lin Mo, he jumped straight up and smashed his right elbow hard into the top of Lin Mo's head.

                This move, the sound is appalling, look very scary.

                In Muay Thai, elbow strike is a very scary attack. Especially if you suffer an elbow strike to the head, you can be knocked unconscious, or even die on the spot!

                In his opinion, the so-called Chinese martial arts are all flowery fists and legs.

                After he entered China, he also fought several so-called martial arts masters, but each time he was almost killed in seconds.

                So, even though Lin Mo defeated Li Ruowu, he didn't put Lin Mo in his eyes at all.

                He came up and used a killing move directly, ready to kill Lin Mo with one blow, so that he could take his fame and stature to another level.

                Lin Mo's face is cold, this Chachai, striking so ferociously, not worse than Li Ruowu what ah.

                Back a step to avoid this blow.

                Lin Mo frowned and said in a deep voice: "You and I have no grudge, why do you have to do this?"

                Chachai, who still knew Chinese, smiled arrogantly, "When you get into the ring, you are deadly enemies."

                "No need to talk nonsense!"

                "If you're capable, you'll beat me to death. If you don't have the ability, you will only be killed by me!"

                Lin Mo: "I only want this magic weapon, I don't want to kill anyone!"

                "How about, let's end this point by point?"

                Chachai laughed wildly: "You people are just hypocritical, not capable, but still want to put gold on your own face."

                "What's the point, not still afraid of death?"

                "Humph, you guys really deserve the title of the sick man of East Asia!"

                When these words came out, the whole room was in an uproar, this Chachai was really too wild too.

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "It seems that you really want to share a life and death with me?"

                "Okay, today, I want your dog's life!"

                Chachai laughed wildly: "Just by you?"


                With a roar, Chachai raised his foot and swept it towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo dodged, and Chachai's kick landed directly on the wooden stake at the edge of the ring.

                This kick broke the stake.

                There were shouts of surprise.

                This wooden stake was very thick, how terrifying was the power of Chachai's kick?

                Zhang Qian was full of smugness, Chachai's performance made him very satisfied.

                Chachai missed a blow and turned around and struck another elbow blow, straight at Lin Mo's head.

                Who knows, his elbow strike was just halfway out, but it was stopped by Lin Mo with one hand.

                Immediately after, Lin Mo's body sank slightly, his right foot clicked on the ground, and his heel rubbed against the ground, emitting a sharp hiss.

                After that, Lin Mo's whole body rushed straight out, like a cannonball out of the bore, and directly crashed into Chachai.

                Chachai simply had no time to dodge, and was hit by Lin Mo's shoulder in the chest at once.

                Chachai only felt as if he was hit by a big speeding truck.

                His whole body flew backwards, broke the rope at the edge of the ring, fell heavily on the ground, and slid backwards for more than ten meters before stopping.

                This time, the whole room fell into a dead silence.

                After a long time, I don't know who exclaimed: "Chachai ...... Chachai is dead!"