Medical Genius Chapter 670

 Li Ruowu spat blood from his mouth and his face was pale.

                He reluctantly nodded and said in a trembling voice, "I am convinced!"

                Even if a martial arts practitioner was defeated in battle, he would not have such an attitude.

                Li Ruowu was truly convinced!

                Lin Mo also ignored him and looked towards Li Dunwen, "Now, do you still want this magic weapon?"

                Li Dunwen was dumbfounded.

                This Li Ruowu, was an expert he had borrowed from the Huang Family to fight for this magic weapon.

                Unexpectedly, even the family expert had been defeated by Lin Mo with a single punch.

                Now, what qualifications did he have to compete with Lin Mo?

                Li Dunwen hung his head and shook it in defeat.

                Lin Mo looked again at Zhang Qian and Lu Zhongze, who were next to him.

                Lu Zhongze's face was pale, the martial artist he had brought with him was not as strong as Li Ruowu, so it was impossible to fight.

                Zhang Qian was arrogant and sneered, "A mere Wing Chun, what's the big deal?"

                "Humph, today I will show you what is the strongest martial art in the ring!"

                "With me here, this magic weapon, you will never get it!"

                As Zhang Qian finished speaking, a sturdy man walked out beside him.

                This man was probably in his twenties, but his skin was dark and he looked as if he was a little old.

                However, his body was full of muscles and on his back, he had a big Buddha tattooed on it.

                He walked up to the ring, folded his hands and knelt on the ground first, as if he was kneeling in worship of something.

                Many people below were looking at him in ambiguity, not knowing what this was all about.

                Mo Lun stared in awe, "This ...... this Muay Thai!"

                "Oh my god, Zhang Qian has actually invited a Muay Thai fighter to a match?"

                "Muay Thai is horrifyingly deadly, especially in a ring like this where there are no rules and there's nothing to worry about."

                "Hahahaha, this is interesting, this Lin, he's dead!"

                Huang Yongwen and the others were all shocked by Lin Mo just now, and at the same time, they were all filled with panic, Lin Mo's strength made them fearful.

                Now that they heard Mo Lun's words, several of them became excited.

                Zhao Ya's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "This Muay Thai fighter, he's even more powerful than Li Ruowu?"

                Mo Lun smiled coldly, "Of course!"

                "Muay Thai, but it's known as the most dangerous boxing style in the world."

                "Li Ruowu's form of Yi Quan is all fancy and useless."

                "This kind of person is just okay to fool the layman. A real ring fight is simply inferior to those real boxers."

                Huang Yongwen was puzzled, "Didn't you just say that this Li Ruowu was very powerful?"

                Mo Lun was a little embarrassed and shook his head, "I wasn't finished just now either."

                "My master respects him, that's because he has a high seniority."

                "A high generation doesn't mean strong."

                "Look at how old he is, what's there to brag about when Lin Mo beats a man who's dozens of years older than him?"

                "Not so with this Muay Thai fighter, it's at the age when he can fight the most. Physical strength, technique, physical fitness, all at their peak."

                "Li Ruowu, can you compete with him?"

                Huang Yongwen's eyes dawned on him, "So, Lin Mo is dead this time?"

                Mo Lun nodded his head in triumph.

                At this moment, many people below also recognised that this was a Muay Thai fighter and were all shaken up.

                Even Lin Zhaoge took a deep breath, this ring of his had once seen a Muay Thai fighter come in with terrifying strength and almost swept away at that time.

                I never thought that Zhang Qian would bring another one today.

                Hearing the chatter of the crowd, Zhang Qian was full of smugness and laughed aloud, "Come, let me introduce to you."

                "This, is the Muay Thai King Chachai."

                "He was banned for fighting in the underground ring."

                "But he is far more powerful than today's Muay Thai kings."

                "This Muay Thai king, fought Chachai seven times and lost seven times."

                "So, Chachai is known as the true uncrowned king!"

                The crowd was once again in an uproar, with such a terrifying fighter, this was going to be a good fight.

                He Qianxue was filled with panic: "Godfather, this ...... Thai boxer, is he really powerful?"