Medical Genius Chapter 669

 Hearing Lin Zhaoge's words, Huang Yongwen and the others in the distance all burst out laughing.

                They were originally worried that Lin Zhaoge would help Lin Mo.

                Now it seemed that Lin Zhaoge had such disdain for Lin Mo, so what else were they afraid of?

                "Little white boy, not so desperate, right? Doesn't he smell good eating soft rice?"

                "Senior Li, strike gently, don't break his face, he lives off his face!"

                "Hahahaha ......"

                Amidst the laughter of the crowd, Lin Mo stood in front of Li Ruowu.

                He Qianxue was in a hurry, "Lin Mo, don't fight with him."

                "It's just a magic weapon, I'll buy it for you later, I'll search all over the country to find it for you!"

                "Don't listen to them, these people are just deliberately provoking you!"

                Lin Mo waved his hand at her and calmly looked at Li Ruowu: "A word of advice, collect three points of strength!"

                Li Ruowu's face turned cold, Lin Mo's attitude made him feel that he was being belittled.

                "My Li family's Shouyi Quan, how can there be any talk of withdrawing strength?"

                "Take a punch from me, and if you can stand, you will be considered a winner!"

                Li Ruowu bellowed angrily, his body bowed slightly and his right hand formed a fist and placed it at his waist.

                Immediately following, he lifted his right foot and took a half step forward.

                When his right foot landed, he stomped his foot violently, like an explosion of thunder, shaking the ring.

                And at the same time as his right foot stepped out, Li Ruowu's right fist also struck out fiercely, like a rushing thunderbolt, straight at Lin Mo's chest!

                Half-step Avalanche Fist!

                A collapsing fist is like shooting an arrow, knocking down is still too slow.

                The foot is like thunder in the sky, the fist is like a crash from the sky.

                There was once a master of Shouyiquan who fought the world with a half-step Avalanche Fist, which shows the power of this move.

                The kick that Li Ruowu stepped on alone was enough to make countless people on the scene tremble in fear.

                When this punch was thrown, did it still need to be said that it was powerful?

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this Li Ruowu had a murderous intent!

                If this punch had come at his waist, it would have injured him at most.

                However, if it came at his chest and struck straight at his heart, with the power of this Half Step Avalanche Fist, it was enough to kill a person directly.

                He had only wanted to dodge and forget about it, but this Li Ruowu was so ruthless, how could Lin Mo allow him?

                Lin Mo raised his left hand and swept it across, directly blocking this Avalanche Fist.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo's right hand formed a fist and went straight for Li Ruowu's chest and abdomen.

                After Li Ruowu's fist was deflected, he was shocked himself.

                This half-step Avalanche Fist had gathered the strength of his entire life. Even if he met an opponent who was stronger than him, he could only evade and could not block this punch.

                And Lin Mo had blocked this punch of his with a light touch, how terrifying should Lin Mo's strength be?

                Moreover, the collapsing fist was blocked and his middle door was wide open. Lin Mo's punch was too late for him to dodge.

                Seeing that this punch was about to hit him on the chest, Li Ruowu's face turned pale.

                If this punch hit him, he would probably be hurt badly.

                However, just as the punch was inches away from his chest, Lin Mo suddenly stopped.

                Li Ruowu could not help but be surprised, was Lin Mo stopping at the end?

                He was about to speak, but Lin Mo moved again.

                Within inches, a fist blasted out, hitting Li Ruowu straight in the chest.

                Li Ruowu only felt as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer and involuntarily flew backwards, crashing into the side of the ring and breaking the wooden stake into two.

                The whole crowd was in an uproar!

                No one had expected that Li Ruowu would be defeated by Lin Mo like this!

                Moreover, was Lin Mo's strike so terrifyingly powerful?

                Li Ruowu barely managed to stand up and said in a trembling voice, "Wing Chun Inch Fist!?"

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                Li Ruowu still wanted to speak, but he opened his mouth and spurted out a mouthful of blood directly.

                His body went limp and he slowly collapsed to the ground, unable to get up.

                Lin Mo walked up to him and looked at him calmly, "I said that I didn't want to fight you."

                "You are to blame for all of this!"

                "Today, I'll waste your martial arts, are you convinced?"