Medical Genius Chapter 666

 Joa was surprised, "In a different way?"

                "What way?"

                Yuan Feng said slowly, "Playing in the ring!"

                Zhao Ya was stunned, "Fight in the ring?"


                "It's obvious that bidding is fine, so why bother?"

                Yuan Feng glanced at her, "Womanizer, what do you know?"

                "If Lin Zhaoge wants this market to be long and prosperous, making money is not the most crucial, the most crucial thing is that more people have to be attracted to come."

                "The people coming are all bigwigs from all sides, no one is convinced, if they really fight it out, that one item will not be speculated to sky-high prices?"

                "To put it simply, two bigwigs are interested in a painting, neither of them is convinced by the other, and both want to suppress the other with the price."

                "As a result, the price of a painting has increased by more than ten times, and whoever ends up buying it will go home and think about it, feeling that they have suffered a loss."

                "In that case, who will come back to this auction in the future?"

                Huang Yongwen nodded, "That, in fact, is true."

                "If you don't let the price deviate too much, only those who buy will not feel at a loss and will come back in the future."

                "Making money without being greedy is the only way to do it for a long time."

                Zhao Ya was suddenly enlightened, then whirled and said, "Then what does it mean to fight in the ring?"

                Yuan Feng sneered, "It means taking it by strength!"

                "If several bigwigs all want this item, but the price has been speculated to the maximum price set by Lin Zhao."

                "Then, these bigwigs, they will have to seize it based on their strength."

                "Each sends one person to the ring to decide the winner."

                "The one who wins will then be able to take the item!"

                "In doing so, the person who wins, naturally gets complacent."

                "And the loser, naturally unconvinced, will go back and seek out a new expert to try to get back the scene."

                "In this way, more and more people will come here, and it will make this market more and more prosperous!"

                "This Lin Zhao, is an expert at doing business!"

                Zhao Ya's eyes widened, all these things, if Yuan Feng hadn't said it, she wouldn't have thought of it at all ah.

                Huang Yongwen, on the other hand, his eyes lit up, "This is interesting!"

                "This Lin, who just broke Li Dunwen's face, Li Dunwen definitely won't stop."

                "The bidding will continue in a moment, and eventually the winner will have to be decided by playing in the ring."

                "The surnamed Lin is only one person, what will he do to fight with others?"

                "He's going over there this time, purely to embarrass himself, huh?"

                Mo Lun laughed loudly, "What do you guys think, will this kid get on stage himself?"

                "It'll be fun if he gets on stage himself."

                "If he's going to get on stage himself, Old Huang, can you talk to Li Dunwen and I'll represent his side."

                "I'll personally cripple this kid!"

                Huang Yongwen sneered, "When the time comes, I'll go and talk to Uncle Li for you."

                The crowd laughed loudly, all looking at Lin Mo playfully, as if he was already dead.

                And after Lin Mo sat up, Li Dunwen really started to continue with the offer.

                He was not willing to be overwhelmed by a son-in-law from the family.

                On the other side, Zhang Qian and Lu Zhongze also began to call for bids, both of them quite unconvinced by Lin Mo.

                This time, four people bid, and the price quickly speculated to 200 million.

                At this point, Lin Zhao stood up and said aloud, "Alright, everyone, the highest price has been reached."

                "It seems that it is difficult for you all to agree on the price."

                "In that case, then let's follow the rules and each according to their abilities."

                Li Dunwen nodded directly, "It's long overdue!"

                "What kind of cats and dogs dare to come out and call for bids, do you really think that the Wu Zhai auction has no rules?"

                "Hmph, the ability to eat soft rice is useless here!"

                These words pointed directly at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he gave Li Dunwen a deep look and did not say anything.

                Below, Zhao Ya and the others were bursting with laughter, they were waiting for this moment!