Medical Genius Chapter 664

 When the crowd saw Lin Mo, they were all amazed and asked who this was.

                Lin Zhao frowned slightly, he thought that Lin Mo was just one of He Qianxue's boyfriends.

                Although it looked unusual, he didn't pay much attention to it, after all, he had never heard of the name at all.

                Who would have thought that Lin Mo would be so bold as to bid against these three bigwigs in such a situation.

                Li Dunwen glanced at Lin Mo and realised that he didn't recognise him, but he didn't dare to be careless.

                Li Dunwen arched his hand, "This brother, this magic weapon, Li has a great use for it."

                "If brother is willing to raise his hand, I, Li, will be grateful!"

                For a big brother like Li Dunwen to speak to Lin Mo like this was already giving him face.

                The crowd around him were all full of envy, for if they got a favour from Li Dunwen, they would be making a fortune.

                However, Lin Mo shook his head dryly, "It's useless for you to take this magic weapon."

                Li Dunwen's face turned cold as he said in a deep voice, "So, you are insisting on robbing it from Li?"

                "I have not yet asked for your name, brother!"

                Just then, Huang Yongwen, who was sitting at the back, suddenly laughed out loud, "Uncle Li, this kid's name is Lin Mo."

                "A man from Guangyang City, a door-to-door son-in-law who eats soft food."

                "His wife's family runs a pharmaceutical factory, and has hooked up with the granddaughter of Guang Yang City's He Lao, a little white boy who just spends women's money."

                "You don't have to be polite to him!"

                Huang Yongwen and the others were all indignant at Lin Mo and had been looking for a chance to clean him up.

                Unexpectedly, Lin Mo dared to call out to the big brother, directly allowing them to seize the opportunity.

                Huang Yongwen directly exposed Lin Mo's identity, just to let Li Dunwen know that this was just a waste of time, so that Li Dunwen could give Lin Mo a good beating.

                Zhao Ya and the others were all looking at Lin Mo playfully.

                Even if He Qianyue really did know Lin Zhaoge well, however, if Lin Mo dared to provoke Li Dunwen, Lin Zhaoge might not protect him!

                Li Dunwen's face was cold, he had originally thought that Lin Mo was some kind of family's son.

                Unexpectedly, it was just a son-in-law who ate soft food.

                Such a person, daring to bid against him, was simply looking for death!

                Li Dunwen glanced at Lin Zhaoge and said in a cold voice, "Master Zhaoge, since when did your place drop in class like this?"

                "Any rubbish can come in, are you looking down on us? Or are you looking down on all your friends here?"

                Zhang Qian sneered, "One hundred and sixty million dollars?"

                "Is it so profitable to eat soft rice now?"

                "Tsk tsk, spending a woman's money and being so generous."

                "This is really the first time I've seen such a shameless person!"

                Lin Zhao's face was icy cold, if it was He Qianxue causing trouble, of course he would have to protect her with all his might.

                However, what was Lin Mo, would he care?

                He waved his hand and was about to gesture for Huo Dong to drive Lin Mo out.

                Just then, Lu Sanzhen suddenly stood up.

                He trotted all the way to Lin Mo with a respectful face and a trembling voice: "Mr. Lin, you ...... Why are you here?"

                "Aiya, I didn't even know about you coming here!"

                "If I had known you were here, I would have paid a visit in person no matter what!"

                At this moment, everyone in the room froze.

                Lu Sanzhen, what kind of person is that?

                Even people like Li Dunwen, Zhang Qian and Lu Zhongze had to be polite to him.

                He was so famous and so well-connected that no one in the audience could beat him.

                Even the ancestors of the great clans in the north must treat him with courtesy, not to mention the great clans of the six southern provinces.

                A divine doctor ranked in the top five in the country in terms of medical skills, everywhere he went, he was an absolute big shot.

                Only other people had ever treated Lui San-zhen with respect, and he had never seen Lui San-zhen treat anyone with such respect.

                What was the situation now?

                Lui Sanzhen, unexpectedly, was so respectful to Lin Mo?

                Moreover, Lu Sanzhen even said the word "visit", so it was clear how low Lu Sanzhen's posture was.

                Who was this Lin Mo, anyway?