Medical Genius Chapter 663

 The others did not know what the value of this so-called orphan book really was; in fact, not many were even willing to participate in the auction.

                Unexpectedly, Lu Sanzhen had directly quoted such a price, which was shocking.

                The three people sitting next to him, Lu Zhongze Li Dunwen and Zhang Qian, looked at each other, but in the end, none of them shouted for a price.

                For one thing, they did not know what the value of the Three Yang Miscellany was.

                Secondly, there was no conflict of interest between Lu Sanzhen and them, so there was no need to confront Lu Sanzhen.

                They might as well do it as a favour, as there might be a need for it one day.

                In the end, Lu Sanzhen successfully auctioned off the "Three Yang Miscellaneous Talks".

                With the book in his hands, he was so excited that he took a special box to store it in.

                The auction continued and soon, it was time for the last item to be auctioned, which was the potion furnace that Lin Mo had his eye on.

                After this pottery was put up, the content of the introduction was a little different.

                It was described as a Daoist magic weapon that possessed extreme power and could ward off all evil.

                Not only that, if you were next to this magic tool all year round, you would also be nourished by the immortal qi inside the tool, thus achieving a prolonged life and a healthy body.

                Lin Mo sat down and could not help but be surprised.

                This was just a dan furnace, and although he hadn't even come close to it yet, he could already smell the scent inside it.

                The so-called immortal Qi nourishment was actually the residual medicinal Qi of this dan furnace, which could indeed help to drive away some diseases.

                The true efficacy, however, was not that powerful.

                However, the scene was abuzz.

                In particular, the bigwigs at the front, Lu Zhongze, Zhang Qian and Li Dunwen, all stared with wide eyes, staring straight at the dan furnace above.

                These people are the most superstitious, and some of them have done too many bad deeds and are always suspicious, so they want to find a magic weapon like this to calm their homes and protect their bodies.

                Amongst them, there are always legends about powerful magic tools.

                These people, too, often spend a lot of money in order to find a real magic weapon.

                Now, this dan furnace was placed up, naturally attracting the attention of countless people.

                In fact, the reason why Lu Zhongze Zhang Qian and Li Dunwen came here was because they were also running for this dan furnace.

                The reserve price for the pottery stove was 50 million.

                As soon as it was put up, Lu Zhongze immediately offered, "Fifty million!"

                Zhang Qian sneered disdainfully and waved his hand, "Sixty million!"

                Whether they were bigwigs from Jiang Province or the young masters of the top ten families in Suzhou Province, neither was short of money.

                Li Dunwen brushed aside his mouth and said dryly, "Eighty million!"

                In one fell swoop, he raised the price by 20 million, clearly saying that Lu Zhongze and Zhang Qian were too petty.

                Both of them were annoyed and immediately followed suit to raise the price.

                Soon, the price went up to 150 million.

                This price was quoted by Li Dunwen, and Lu Zhongze and Zhang Qian were a little hesitant.

                Obviously, they were still calculating whether it was worth it to spend 100 or 200 million on such an item.

                Li Dunwen, on the other hand, was smug, as he was determined to win this potion furnace this time.

                He relied on the Huang family to start his business, and the old ancestor of the Huang family was his biggest backer.

                Recently, the old ancestor of the Huang family had been suffering from health problems, so he wanted to buy this pottery furnace and give it to the old ancestor as a birthday gift.

                When this gift was given, the old ancestor would definitely be impressed with him.

                When the time came, the reward would be more than 100 or 200 million.

                Lin Zhaoge's face was calm, the fact that this potion furnace could be sold for 150 million was beyond his expectation.

                Just as the auctioneer was about to drop the hammer, a voice suddenly came out, "One hundred and sixty million dollars!"

                The crowd's faces changed and they looked at the person who had made the offer.

                The situation had been obvious just now, that it was these three big shot figures bidding together.

                The others, even if they had the money, would not dare to follow suit.

                At this time, among the people sitting at the back of the room, there was unexpectedly a bite of gold.

                The crowd wanted to see who was so bold.

                And the person who made the offer was none other than Lin Mo!