Medical Genius Chapter 661

 Being held tightly by a woman like this, and most crucially, the other party was still naked and had an extremely good figure, this made Lin Mo a little apathetic.

                However, he soon regained his composure.

                No, he was a family man!

                Taking a deep breath, Lin Mo rolled over and wrapped the blanket all over He Qianxue.

                Then, he directly got up and rolled He Qianxue onto the bed with the blanket.

                He Qianxue exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

                "Let go of me now!"

                Lin Mo glanced at her, only to see He Qianxue with a scarlet face, flirtatious eyes and dishevelled hair.

                With such a posture, if it were any man, I'm afraid he would have lost his guard.

                Lin Mo was, after all, a bloodthirsty man and simply did not dare to look at her more.

                "Miss He, I am a family man!"

                Lin Mo stressed once again.

                He Qianxue: "I told you, I don't care."

                "I like you, I don't care if you have a wife or not, I like you."

                "If you like it, you have to be together, is that wrong?"

                Lin Mo frowned: "Sorry, I love my wife very much."

                He Qianxue: "I didn't say that you should divorce her."

                "As long as I'm with you, even if I don't have a name, I'm still willing."

                Lin Mo kind of wanted to vomit blood, what kind of words were he saying?

                Lin Mo: "But, I can't do anything wrong to my wife!"

                He Qianxue was silent for a long time and her eyes were red: "Do you ...... look down on me?"

                "You think I've had a few boyfriends before and think I'm dirty, don't you?"

                "I ...... have done badly before, so that's why I won't ask you for anything, because I'm not qualified."

                "But, I just want you to keep me company, can't this even work?"

                He Qianxue said, tears welling up in her eyes.

                Looking at He Qianxue like this, Lin Mo was a bit at a loss.

                In fact, in the past, He Qianxue was unruly and capricious, vain and arrogant, with the common faults of the second generation of the rich.

                At that time, Lin Mo really looked down on her!

                However, since the last time she wanted to set up a fund to help the poor, Lin Mo's view of her had changed a lot.

                Perhaps, when she was young and did not know any better, she did do some things that were disgusting.

                But when one lives in the world, it is rare to know one's mistakes and be able to change them!

                The current He Qianxue had indeed impressed Lin Mo.

                However, Lin Mo only had Xu Hanxia in his heart, so how could he possibly fit in another person?

                "Miss He, I'm not looking down on you."

                "On the contrary, I admire you for doing these things!"

                "You're good, you're really good."

                "In fact, you deserve better."

                "You can definitely meet your true destiny, someone who is a hundred times better than me!"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                He Qianxue sobbed softly and whispered, "Then I ask you, if, I say if."

                "If I could meet you before Xu Hanxia, you ...... would you choose me?"

                Lin Mo was silent for a long time and whispered, "I'm sorry, in my life, I only love Hanxia."

                "Those three years, when I had nothing, she quietly took everything for me."

                "All of this, I can only use the rest of my life to pay her back!"

                He Qianxue sighed, Lin Mo's words had made everything clear to her.

                However, she quickly smiled again, "It doesn't matter."

                "Just because you love her doesn't stop me from loving you."

                "Anyway, I just love you, no one can change that!"

                Lin Mo had a black line, what kind of thinking was this? Are all young girls nowadays so spontaneous?

                In order to stop He Qianxue from tossing and turning, Lin Mo could only point out her sleeping point and let her fall asleep.

                As for Lin Mo himself, in order to prevent any accidents from happening, he sat down on his knees next to her and silently practiced his kung fu.

                The miraculous thing about the Creation Skill was that while practicing, he was also resting.

                Therefore, despite not having slept all night, Lin Mo was still in good spirits and was not the least bit tired.