Medical Genius Chapter 659

 The few people in the room were honest, they finally understood what kind of tough guy they had met this time.

                He Qianxue didn't bother to pay attention to these little people, and after getting the money, he took Lin Mo and left.

                The few people left in the room looked at each other with grim faces.

                "Zhao Ya, what kind of person do you know here?"

                "Are you trying to get me killed?"

                "That's the He family's Missy, if I do anything to her here today, the He family will have to get me killed!"

                Huang Yongwen said indignantly.

                Zhao Ya was full of embarrassment, "I didn't know either."

                "This Lin is just a soft-earned loser."

                "He married my classmate back then for a hundred thousand dollars."

                "He doesn't have any background at all, how was I to know that the woman he was with had such an unbelievable identity!"

                Huang Yongwen frowned, "In that case, this is a young white man?"

                "Does it mean that this He family lady, too, likes little white boys?"

                Mo Lun said indignantly, "Definitely!"

                "These little white guys nowadays, they're all very resourceful."

                "They are very good at tricking women."

                "These rich girls, they don't have brains, it's normal to be tricked."

                Huang Yongwen gritted his teeth and said, "I really don't understand, these women nowadays, are they all blind?"

                "Just that kid, he's still qualified to be a young white man?"

                "In terms of looks, in terms of family, in terms of talk, which point can he compare with me?"

                "This He Qianxue, what the hell is she thinking? How could she be with such a trash!"

                Several people sighed incessantly, and they were all full of disbelief as well.

                They really couldn't understand why Lin Mo was so lucky to have hooked up with such a rich white beauty like He Qianxue.

                Huo Dong looked at Lin Mo with some confusion, he couldn't understand how He Qianyue could be so nice to this young man.

                He knew that He Qianyue had had boyfriends before, but those boyfriends, all of them were submissive to He Qianyue.

                She had never seen He Qianyue treat a man with such attention!

                Walking out of the hotel, Huo Dong said doubtfully, "Big ...... Miss, is it true what you ...... you just said?"

                He Qianxue was surprised: "What?"

                Huo Dong: "Just ...... just that fund you said ah?"

                He Qianxue: "Of course it's true!"

                "When did I ever say anything that wasn't true?"

                Huo Dong looked at He Qianxue blankly: "Miss, you ...... haven't been sleeping well lately, have you?"

                "Or ...... still have a fever?"

                He Qianxue was so angry that she rolled her eyes, "What do you mean?"

                "Are you saying I'm fed up?"

                "What, can't I do something decent?"

                Huo Dong had an embarrassed look on his face, the He Qianxue of the past wasn't like this at all.

                At that time, it was a standard foppy second-generation son. Under the pampering of everyone in the He family, he wouldn't even think about doing anything decent.

                Not to mention, to set up this kind of fund to help the poor, how is this possible?

                He Qianxue could see Huo Dong's doubts and bristled, "People change."

                "I can't act like a child for the rest of my life either!"

                "I'll give you this, I'm definitely going to get this fund done this time."

                "When the time comes, I'll have to impress you all!"

                Huo Dong: "Miss, if you can really make it work, I'll donate 30 million to your fund later!"

                He Qianxue immediately said, "A gentleman's word is a team of horses!"

                "Little Dongzi, I'll remember that!"

                Huo Dong laughed loudly, "Hahaha, don't worry."

                "As long as you work seriously, let alone thirty million, I'll give you more when the time comes."

                He Qianxue had an irritated look on her face, "You sound like you can't do the right thing?"

                "Hmph, I'll have to show you this time."

                Huo Dong laughed, unimpressed.

                In his opinion, He Qianxue belonged to that standard kind of dude.

                Even if she had a few ideas for a while, they would only be hot for three minutes, so how could she possibly make it?