Medical Genius Chapter 658

 Huo Dong waved his hand, "What are you waiting for? Drag them all down."

                Several of Huo Dong's men rushed in, and without any further ado, they were about to drag Zhao Ya and the others out.

                Huang Yongwen gritted his teeth and suddenly said, "Wait a minute!"

                "Mr. Huo, I ...... am a member of the Huang family in Guang Province."

                "Can you give my Huang family some face?"

                Huo Dong waved his hand impatiently, "Huang your grandfather!"

                "Those few heirs of the Huang family, I recognise them all."

                "Looking at you, I guess you're a relative of the Huang family."

                "Hmph, even if your Huang family heir was here in person, he wouldn't dare let me give him face."

                "What the hell are you, and you dare to ask me for face?"

                Huang Yongwen was dumbfounded, he used to rely on the name of the Huang family to woo and cheat everywhere, and he had tried it time and again.

                Who would have thought that here, the name of the Huang family was not even good enough anymore.

                Seeing that a few people were about to be dragged out, Zhao Ya suddenly remembered something and she hurriedly said, "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, help me, help us."

                "For the sake of Hanxia, I was classmates with Hanxia, we live in the same dormitory."

                "Please, please, just think of it as giving face to Hanxia ......"

                This Zhao Ya was not stupid, she knew it was useless to beg He Qianxue, so she could only try to beg Lin Mo to see if she could live. This was also her last straw to save her life.

                Lin Mo really didn't want to pay attention to her, but, Xu Hanxia had said before that when she was in school, Zhao Ya had helped her some.

                "Forget it."

                "Let them drink the wine, and let's leave this matter at that."

                Lin Mo waved his hand.

                Huo Dong frowned and was just about to speak.

                He Qianxue hurriedly said, "Since brother Lin has said so, then we will spare your dog's lives this time."

                "This wine, however, must be drunk!"

                "Also, the money owed to me, must be paid!"

                Zhao Ya and the others had come back from the dead, so how could they dare to think otherwise, and hastily picked up the wine and drank it fiercely.

                But these few people's drinking capacity was no match for Lin Mo's.

                After a few sips, they started to throw up, but they didn't dare to stop at all. They puked for a while and continued to drink.

                In the end, they almost poured the wine in, and then one by one, they almost vomited blood.

                He Qianxue, with a disgusted look on her face, covered her nose and said, "Alright, the wine you have drunk."

                "What about the money?"

                Huang Yongwen looked embarrassed, but he had to transfer a million to He Qianxue on the spot.

                Only when He Qianxue received the money did she smile in satisfaction, "Great, this foundation of mine, has finally received its first donation."

                "Oh yes, Xiao Dongzi, this watch, you can sell it for me later."

                "Transfer the money from the sale to my account!"

                The watch He Qianxue was talking about was the same Rolex that Huang Yongwen had lost to them.

                Huo Dong glanced at it, "Missy, do you need the money?"

                "Let me know if you need it, I still have tens of millions of spare money in my hand, I can transfer it to you anytime."

                He Qianxue waved her hand, "You can forget it, when has our Guangyang He family ever been short of money?"

                "I recently planned to set up a medical fund for the poor to raise money to provide assistance to someone who cannot afford to see a doctor, that's why I need the money."

                "This watch is sold and the money is transferred to my foundation, so it's a bit of a good deed."

                Zhao Ya's eyes widened and she said in a trembling voice, "You ...... are from the Guang Yang He family?"

                "He Lao ...... He Lao is your what?"

                The Guangyang He family, their reputation was not small. He Lao, that was a divine doctor that was ranked in the entire Guangyang City.

                Zhao Ya was from Guangyang City, so naturally she had heard of Elder He's name.

                Huo Dong glanced at her, "You bunch of trash, don't you know yet?"

                "This, is the thousand-year-old Miss of the He Lao family!"

                "Three generations of the He family, the only girl, Missy He Qianxue!"

                At these words, the few people in the room were all stunned.

                The He family's daughter, that class, was way beyond them, this was not an existence that they could even touch!

                Huang Yongwen's face was swollen red, thinking about how he had just flaunted his wealth in front of He Qianxue, he was simply embarrassed to the extreme.

                Anyone from the He family would be much richer than him, so how could he be qualified to show off his wealth in front of He Qianxue?