Medical Genius Chapter 657

 The sound of an address stunned everyone in the scene.

                The boss's eyes almost didn't stare out as he looked at He Qianxue in shock.

                Huo Dong had actually addressed He Qianxue like that, so he could see that this was really a big shot.

                Luckily, he had been polite just now, wouldn't he have been damned if he had said anything he shouldn't have said?

                As for Zhao Ya and the others, they were all dumbfounded.

                What was this?

                He Qianxue, knew Huo Dong?

                No, looking at Huo Dong's attitude, this ...... this is not as simple as knowing him, I'm afraid?

                Lin Mo also glanced at He Qianxue with some surprise, not expecting that He Qianxue still had such prestige in Wu Zhai's side.

                But it is normal to think about it.

                If He Qianxue didn't have connections here, how could He Lao be comfortable with her coming to such a place where the three religions and nine classes were mixed?

                He Qianxue waved her hand, "Lin Zhaoge is always the same old three things every time, eat, see the sights, send some gifts, and then let me go home."

                "I'm not looking for him this time, I'm going to wander around on my own."

                Zhao Ya and the others stared in disbelief, looking at this situation, every time He Qianxue came, he was always received by Lin Zhaoge personally, huh?

                Huo Dong said with a smile, "Eldest Miss, Master Zhaoge is just being kind to you."

                "Besides, this place is full of people from all walks of life, if you come alone, how will Master Zhaoge explain to Godfather if anything happens?"

                He Qianxue: "How he will explain to my grandfather is his business."

                The crowd was shocked, hearing this, Lin Zhaoge was He Qianxue's grandfather's godson?

                No wonder He Qianxue was able to call on Lin Zhaoge, this was no ordinary relationship!

                Huo Dong let out a dry smile, "Miss, Master Zhaoge is accompanying a guest."

                "He didn't know it was you who was here, so he only sent me over to settle things."

                "You wait a moment, I'll call Master Zhaoge now and ask him to come over."

                The crowd was once again shocked, the guests Lin Zhaoge was now entertaining were definitely those big shot figures.

                And He Qianxue's arrival could make Lin Zhaoge put down those few guests and come directly to greet them, this level of importance was truly extraordinary.

                He Qianxue immediately waved her hand, "There's no need."

                "I just have a little matter to settle here, and you're coming just the same."

                Huo Dong immediately said, "Oh?"

                "Eldest Miss, if you have anything to do, just give me an order!"

                He Qianxue turned her head to look at Zhao Ya's few people.

                These few people almost didn't fall to the ground in fear, they certainly knew what it was about.

                "Here, just these few people."

                "Losing a bet to me and trying to cheat again."

                "Pouring us wine, I drank and they didn't."

                "I just want to ask, this side of Wu Zhai, are the rules so bad?"

                He Qianxue said.

                Huo Dong's face was chilled and he said in a deep voice, "There's still such a thing?"

                "Damn it, in my life, I hate people who don't keep their word!"

                "Go, bring these few pieces of trash back to me."

                "Chop them up and throw them out the back to feed the dogs!"

                Zhao Ya several people almost pissed themselves in fear, Zhao Ya said in a panic: "Miss He, you spare me ......"

                "I ...... really didn't know you knew Master Zhaoge."

                "This ...... is our fault for what happened this time, I'll drink this wine, you can give me a chance ......"

                Several other people begged up, even that Mo Lun, who had always prided himself on his superior force, was in a state of panic.

                He Qianxue waved her hand impatiently, "Just now I asked you to drink, but you didn't!"

                "Now that people are here, you say you want to drink, aren't you playing a trick on people?"

                "What? Do you think Little Dongzi is so idle that he came over here specifically to watch you guys drink?"

                Huo Dong was full of embarrassment, he was a big brother in Wu Zhai, but in He Qianxue's mouth he had become Little Dongzi.

                These few people were in tears, and now they had a feeling of wanting to die.

                They could never have imagined that He Qianyue, who followed Lin Mo's side, would have such an unbelievable identity.

                They had always thought that He Qianyue was just an ordinary university student, probably one of those who came from a poor background.

                After all, the sportswear He Qianxue wore this time did not look like a rich person.