Medical Genius Chapter 656

 He Qianxue's words startled several people in the room.

                "Are you crazy?"

                "Do you know what kind of person Lin Zhaoge is?"

                "Even the family heads of the ten largest families in Guang Province wouldn't dare to call out to Lin Zhaoge like that!"

                "Who are you to dare to speak like that?"

                Yuan Feng said sharply.

                He had come to Wu Zhai the most times and knew Lin Zhaoge's situation the best.

                Lin Zhaoge was no goody-two-shoes, even if the Huang family head came here, he would have to treat Lin Zhaoge politely.

                Who would dare to treat Lin Zhaoge in such a manner?

                Zhao Ya waved her hand repeatedly, "Leave her alone!"

                "Let me clarify first, I have nothing to do with this."

                "She is with that man, I don't know anything about what she does or says."

                Huang Yongwen, on the other hand, shook his head with regret: "Such a pretty girl, it's a pity, she's just a bit brainy."

                "How dare you go and mess with Lin Zhao, humph, I can't protect you either."

                "If I had known that you would follow me, you would have been rich and prosperous, and you wouldn't have had to give up your life!"

                Several people in the room sneered and sarcastic, He Qianxue was completely looking for death with this statement.

                Lin Mo also frowned, Lin Zhao's status was not low, what was He Qianxue trying to do?

                The bosses and waiters outside were all Lin Zhao's people.

                Hearing He Qianxue's words, they were all a little stunned.

                The boss waved his hand and instructed the waiter to go and find Lin Zhaoge.

                While he himself walked over, his gaze swept over the people in the room and finally landed on He Qianxue: "This young lady, what is your name?"

                He Qianxue's expression was cold: "You don't need to know."

                The owner's face was slightly sulky, but in the end he did not get angry and smiled lightly, "I wonder what you are looking for Master Zhaoge for?"

                "Is there something the small shop has done wrong?"

                He Qianxue waved her hand, "This is my personal matter, you don't need to ask."

                "When Lin Zhao comes later, just have him help me out!"

                Zhao Ya sneered, "Bitch, who do you think Lin Zhao is to you?"

                "If you say you want him to help you out, he has to help you out?"

                "If that were true, with all the people of Wu Zhai clamouring for Master Zhaoge to settle things, would Master Zhaoge be too busy?"

                Yuan Feng, on the other hand, said to that boss, "Sorry, this woman, we are not familiar with her either."

                "Maybe there's something wrong with her head, we can't control it."

                "When Master Zhaoge comes later, you can say a few words for us, we really don't know her."

                The boss had a cold expression and didn't say anything, but his eyes were clearly a little displeased.

                Not long afterwards, a few cars drove over.

                A few people got out of the car, and at the head of them was a stout man, not Lin Zhao.

                As soon as the man entered, he said indignantly, "Who is so bold as to dare to call out to Master Zhaoge?"

                Zhao Ya immediately said, "Big brother, here, here!"

                "It's this bitch!"

                "She doesn't know what's wrong with her, how dare she call out to Master Zhaoge."

                "We don't know her well!"

                "You can do whatever you want with her, it's none of our business!"

                The burly man walked over aggressively, followed by a group of people behind him.

                Yuan Feng whispered, "This is the great general under Lin Zhao, Huo Dong."

                "It is said that he used to be chased by his enemies and fled to Wu Zhai covered in wounds, and it was Lin Zhao who saved him."

                "Since then, he has worked for Lin Zhao and once dominated the ring for a year and a half, without a single defeat so far!"

                The few people next to them were all shocked, having watched the match tonight, they all knew that those who could stand firm in the ring were by no means weak.

                This Huo Dong was really no ordinary person!

                Huo Dong entered the room furiously, "Who just said that?"

                He Qianxue sneered, "I said it!"

                "What, you have doubts?"

                When Huo Dong saw He Qianxue, he first froze, and then immediately filled his face with a smile, "Aiyo, my grand lady."

                "When did you come, why didn't someone let me know."

                "I also asked Master Zhaoge to make arrangements and give you a reception!"