Medical Genius Chapter 655

 He Qianxue winked at Lin Mo and smiled, "Brother Lin, since people are so generous, then we in Guangyang City can't lose face either."

                "Come on, cheers!"

                He Qianxue had heard Tiger talk about Lin Mo's drinking capacity before and knew that Lin Mo couldn't get drunk in a thousand glasses.

                If these people were to spar with Lin Mo, it would be a complete death wish.

                Lin Mo didn't bother to save face for Zhao Ya and the others, so he drank directly.

                Lin Mo didn't pause for a moment to drink all three big glasses.

                Drinking the first cup, Huang Yongwen and the others were still smug.

                Drinking the second cup, their faces looked a bit off.

                Drinking the third cup, their faces changed completely.

                These three big cups, any one of them, could bring down a person.

                Lin Mo had drunk almost two catties before, and now he drank three big glasses in a row without changing his face, this amount of alcohol was too horrible, right?

                He Qianxue smiled and looked at the crowd, "Alright, my big brother Lin has already drank."

                "Now, it's your turn."

                "Who's going to start first?"

                The crowd looked at each other, how could they drink.

                With this kind of cup, one cup they would have to pour.

                Zhao Ya gave a dry laugh, "Oops, suddenly remembered, we have something to do later."

                "Drinking so much wine, you can't do your business."

                "How about we owe this wine first?"

                "Lin Mo, the next time we meet, we'll make up for it double!"

                Several other people nodded their heads in succession, clearly intending to cheat.

                He Qianxue sneered, "This is the first time I've heard of drinking being made up next time."

                "What? We from Guangyang City are so boozy, and you people from the provincial city, are you so embarrassed?"

                "Tsk tsk, it's lucky I didn't marry in the provincial city, I can't really afford to lose face!"

                In one sentence, he scolded all these people.

                Huang Yongwen was furious and said angrily, "Talking is talking, why are you bringing in people from the provincial capital?"

                "It's just drinking, what's the big deal!"

                "Come on, I'll drink first!"

                With those words, Huang Yongwen grabbed the small cup in front of him and drank it all in one go.

                "First cup up!"

                Huang Yongwen exclaimed.

                When the others saw this, they all laughed too and picked up the small cups and started drinking.

                This small cup was a world away from that tall cup.

                These people, they were completely cheating.

                He Qianxue was annoyed, "What is this from you guys?"

                "Brother Lin drinks from such a big cup, how can you guys use such small cups?"

                Huang Yongwen sneered, "He said to drink three cups and pour two for us, but he didn't say what cups to use."

                "We just like to use these small cups, what's wrong with that?"

                A few others laughed out loud, "That's right."

                "Who can blame this Lin for being stupid and not telling the truth?"

                "We didn't tell him to drink from such a big cup, but he's like a stupid pig, he has to drink so much, so who can blame us?"

                "Are all the people in Guangyang City wrong in the head?"

                The crowd continued to mock.

                He Qianxue was so angry that her face turned red, it was the first time she had seen such a cheeky person.


                "This doesn't count!"

                "You must drink from tall glasses today!"

                He Qianyue said angrily.

                Zhao Ya glanced at her disdainfully, "Little girl, watch your mouth."

                "Do you know who you're talking to, and how dare you sound so impulsive?"

                "Humph, do you really think Lin Mo is so capable that he can strut his stuff here?"

                "He's just a son-in-law at home, and even his father-in-law's family doesn't have as much assets as any of us here."

                "Who are you to dictate in front of us?"

                Several other people were also looking at He Qianxue with arrogant faces, Huang Yongwen even had a cold smile on his face, as if He Qianxue was just a clown.

                He Qianxue's face was ice-cold as she said in a deep voice, "What qualifications do I have, you ask?"

                "Fine, I'll tell you right now what qualifications I have!"

                He Qianxue suddenly opened the door to the room and shouted outside, "Go, tell Lin Zhaoge to come over."

                "Just say that someone is looking for him!"