Medical Genius Chapter 654

Zhao Ya practically dragged He Qianxue with her as they arrived at a restaurant in Wu Zhai.

                Once inside, Huang Yongwen bashfully ordered a large table.

                Having lost his money, he was determined to get He Qianyue into his hands, otherwise he would have lost a lot of money.

                Zhao Ya was even more crisp, directly having someone bring over two cases of Maotai.

                "Lin Mo, we haven't seen each other for a long time either."

                "Hey, talking about the old days in Guangyang City, it's really nostalgic."

                "It's good to meet old friends in other countries."

                "Tonight, let's not get drunk without returning!"

                "This is good wine, don't waste it."

                Zhao Ya said as she filled the cup in front of Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo frowned, this group's thoughts were clear in his mind.

                He really didn't want to pay attention to this group, but looking at this, it was impossible to leave, so he could only drink.

                "Come on, let's both have a toast first." Zhao Ya picked up her glass of wine and drank it straight away.

                Yuan Feng glanced obliquely at Lin Mo: "Dude, the girls are drinking and you're not, that's not right."

                Several other people also followed suit, completely forcing Lin Mo to drink.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything either, and picked up his glass and drank it all in one go.


                The crowd roared their approval, in fact, they were using agitation to force Lin Mo to continue drinking.

                After that, the crowd directly started a wheel war, taking turns to pour Lin Mo with alcohol.

                These people, when they were in the provincial city, were also all frequenting nightclubs and had excellent drinking capacity.

                In their opinion, it would be a simple matter of a few people working together to pour Lin Mo a drink.

                As a result, they were amazed that Lin Mo was not hurt at all when they had all drunk almost everything.

                If they continued to drink like this, they would definitely not be able to drink Lin Mo.

                The crowd looked at each other, and Zhao Ya said with a smile, "Lin Mo, you've drunk so much."

                "We've always been the ones toasting you, this is a courtesy, you should also toast us, right?"

                The others followed suit.

                Lin Mo sighed and lifted his glass, "Fine, I'll toast you all then."

                Huang Yongwen directly took the cup away, "Buddy, it's a bit inappropriate for you to do that, isn't it?"

                "Toasting, it's all about the heart."

                "We've toasted you so much, and it's your turn to toast us, just this one cup?"

                "You're being too disrespectful!"

                Lin Mo was helpless: "How about this, I'll drink three cups and you guys will drink two?"

                Zhao Ya waved her hand again, "Lin Mo, are you a man?"

                "Why don't you have any gumption!"

                "Such a small cup, drinking three cups, you have the face to say that too?"

                "We've toasted you, at least dozens of cups, right?"

                "You're looking down on people too much!"

                Huang Yongwen's face directly fell, slamming his cup down on the table, looking like he was about to get mad.

                Yuan Feng sneered, "Yo, this is how you people in Guangyang City are like, huh?"

                "Tsk, tsk, what a disgrace!"

                "Don't know the rules at all, and I don't know how you grew up so much!"

                "Xiao Ya, you were right to marry in the provincial city."

                "Look at us, how bold we are in our work!"

                Lin Mo frowned, these few people, they were simply sticking their noses in the air.

                You guys want to drink? Fine, I'll accompany you!

                Lin Mo directly picked up the tall cup on the table, "How about this, for a cup like this, I'll drink three and pour two, how about that?"

                The crowd immediately laughed, this was the effect they were looking for.

                This kind of tall cup, drinking three, that was almost a pound or so.

                Lin Mo had drunk so much before, now if he drank another catty or so, he would definitely collapse straight away, and the purpose of the night would be achieved.

                "No problem!" All of them returned in unison.

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, and picked up the bottle and poured wine into it.

                He Qianxue suddenly stopped Lin Mo: "Let's say it first."

                "If Brother Lin drinks, you all have to drink too!"

                Huang Yongwen sneered, "Don't worry, as long as he drinks, we'll definitely drink!"

                Several other people nodded along, all staring at Lin Mo with cold smiles.

                When Lin Mo drank, he would definitely pour, so who would drink then?