Medical Genius Chapter 653

 Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded.

                It had only been less than a minute since the fight, and this taekwondo master, was killed in a second?

                On what grounds?

                All this, however, was expected by Lin Mo.

                The Eight Extremes of Taijiquan were so fierce that when they found an opportunity, it was often easy to kill them in one blow.

                As the saying goes, ten years of Taiji does not go out, but one year of Baji kills someone, that is the truth.

                Taekwondo is also a wide open and closed style of fighting, and in front of traditional martial arts, there are a lot of weaknesses.

                It is extremely normal to be killed with a single blow as long as one is caught in the breach.

                Yuan Feng and his men sat down on the chairs, they never dreamed that they would lose this fight so badly.

                This taekwondo master was far inferior to the previous two.

                Mo Lun was even more dumbfounded, he had always felt that he was much better than these people.

                Now he realised that his little strength was simply not enough.

                If he had gone on the field, he would probably have been killed a long time ago.

                He Qianxue, however, was happy to the core: "Hey, one million, when will you give it to us?"

                Huang Yongwen's face was gloomy, he clenched his teeth and hissed in a low voice, "This must be a fake fight!"

                "This one doesn't count!"

                He Qianxue was instantly annoyed, "Why should it not count?"

                "Who are you to say that people are fighting fake punches?"

                "This is Lin Zhao's place, who dares to fight fake punches here!"

                Seeing that the two were about to argue, there was a sudden uproar from below.

                The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see a tall man walking up to the ring.

                "It's Lin Zhao!"

                Yuan Feng exclaimed.

                The crowd looked over in unison.

                Lin Zhaoge looked to be in his forties, his eyes were sinister, like a vulture that was always looking for an opportunity.

                His aura was strong, and standing on the field, the commotion below immediately stopped.

                Yuan Feng said excitedly, "I really didn't expect that Lin Zhao would also come in person."

                "It seems that Lin Zhaoge is taking this market opening very seriously."

                "After all, there are so many bigwigs coming!"

                Zhao Ya had a surprised look on her face, "Has this Lin Zhao never come before?"

                "Such a drag, huh?"

                Yuan Feng glared at her, "What the hell do you know!"

                "Lin Zhaoge is nothing compared to any of the bigwigs on stage!"

                "Even the heads of the top ten families in Guang Province have to be polite in front of Lin Zhaoge."

                Zhao Ya exclaimed, "That's not true?"

                "He's just powerful here in Wu Zhai, is he that terrifying?"

                Yuan Feng sneered, "Wu Zhai is at the border of three provinces, and the black market in Wu Zhai can be said to affect more than a dozen provinces."

                "How many big clans and powers would like to take control of Wu Zhai."

                "But in the end, Wu Zhai is firmly in Lin Zhao's hands, why is that?"

                "Lin Zhaoge, it's not simple!"

                Huang Yongwen nodded, "I've heard my father say that."

                "Lin Zhaoge, is no weaker than any of the bigwigs."

                "Even our Huang family has to give him face, definitely not an ordinary person!"

                Zhao Ya was shaken to the core.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, had an inexplicable feeling when he looked at Lin Zhao, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

                Lin Zhaoge went up on stage and said a few words before going back down.

                Next, there were a few more dog fights and other performances.

                However, none of these appealed to people anymore.

                It was just that, later on, when those items for sale were exhibited, they attracted a lot of people's attention.

                Lin Mo kept observing the exhibition stand, and the last thing he took up was a pitch-black stove.

                Seeing this furnace, Lin Mo's eyes lit up, this was exactly the dan furnace he was looking for.

                This trip had been worthwhile for him after all!

                With the exhibition over, the opening ceremony ended and the crowd scattered their positions.

                He Qianxue, with a defiant face, followed behind Huang Yongwen and said angrily, "Hey, how are you going to give me that one million?"

                "I don't want a cheque, who knows if you can get the money from your cheque."

                "I want cash, or a direct transfer!"

                Huang Yongwen had lost a big head tonight and was now irritated beyond belief.

                He was just about to lose his temper when Zhao Ya suddenly laughed, "Oh, what's the hurry!"

                "It's early, let's go have a snack and I'll give you the money later."

                Zhao Ya winked at Huang Yongwen.

                Huang Yongwen understood, Zhao Ya was planning to get these two people drunk at the drinking table.