Medical Genius Chapter 651

 The scene was in an uproar, no one had expected that this muscular man was so intolerant.

                Yuan Feng four people stared in awe, to know that together, they bought one and a half million, this is all gone at once?

                "This ...... this fight fake boxing, right?"

                "A murderous king of the battlefield, how can't he beat an ordinary boxer?"

                Mo Lun said sharply.

                Yuan Feng hurriedly said, "Don't you talk nonsense."

                "Here in Lin Zhao, no one dares to fight a fake boxer."

                At this moment, there was also a cacophony from below, the muscular man, dead!

                This time, Mo Lun immediately shut up.

                The man was dead, so it definitely wasn't a fake fight!

                What kind of person would use their life to fight a fake boxing match?

                He Qianxue smiled and said, "Look, what did I say?"

                "This muscle man can't win, can he!"

                "One and a half million, wouldn't it smell good to buy some meat to eat?"

                This was completely rubbing salt into the wound.

                Yuan Feng's three faces were blue, especially Mo Lun's.

                This time, instead of beating Lin Mo's face, they had disgraced themselves.

                Soon, the second challenger took to the stage.

                It was an extremely stout man with a scar on his face, looking unusually fierce.

                The introduction to him from above was also very simple: the previous ring master, a martial artist from the Eight Trigrams Sect.

                Yuan Feng looked at Mo Lun, "Old Mo, how do I buy this time?"

                Mo Lun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, "This man, since he can be the ring master for one term, his strength must not be weak, he shouldn't be anything different from this ring master."

                "You can tell by looking at the odds, the two of them are not far behind each other in terms of odds, which means they are equally strong."

                "And this ringmaster, who has fought before, has a lot of power consumption."

                "So, I think, I should buy this Scarface."

                Huang Yongwen and Yuan Feng looked at each other, and both of them ruthlessly gritted their teeth, "Okay, buy one million this time."

                "Win back what you lost before!"

                Together, the three of them bought another three million.

                Mo Lun looked at Lin Mo at the same time, "Hey, you can analyse it this time."

                Zhao Ya first sneered, "Alright, just don't bully him."

                "What can a soft-eating wimp like him know?"

                "Last time a blind cat met a dead rat, this time, do you really think he can analyse anything?"

                Lin Mo frowned, he had been reluctant to speak. However, Zhao Ya's words made him a little hot.

                "This ringmaster, looking at the way he strikes, should come from the Eight Extremes Sect."

                "The Eight Extremes and Eight Trigrams are all martial techniques that are as rigid as they are fierce."

                "Under normal circumstances, the Eight Extremes are strong in the early stages and the Eight Trigrams are strong in the late stages."

                "These two, both are still in the early stages."

                "Therefore, the ringmaster has a better chance of winning."

                Lin Mo said softly.

                The few people next to him listened in confusion, and Mo Lun sneered, "Yo, kid, you're talking out of your ass?"

                "And the Eight Extremes and Eight Trigrams? Why don't you talk about the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!"

                Zhao Ya bristled, "You still don't see it, he's just going against you."

                "When you say who can win, he says the opposite."

                "Lin Mo, people like you are typically jealous, you can't see anyone else being good!"

                He Qianxue: "If you guys don't want to listen, don't let big brother Lin analyse it!"

                Zhao Ya: "You ......"

                Huang Yongwen pulled Zhao Ya and said with a smile, "Lin Mo, then let's make a bet!"

                "If the ringmaster wins, I'll give you this watch of mine."

                "If that Scarface wins, tonight, let Miss He have a meal with me, how about that?"

                Zhao Ya immediately exclaimed, "Young Huang, this is a Rolex for you, hundreds of thousands of dollars!"

                Huang Yongwen smiled lightly, "What's a few hundred thousand if I can win a smile from a beautiful woman?"

                After saying that, he looked at He Qianxue with a smile, clearly saying it for He Qianxue's ears.

                Lin Mo was just about to say no, but He Qianxue immediately said, "Sure."

                Huang Yongwen immediately smiled, only thinking that He Qianxue had finally fallen under his money attack.