Medical Genius Chapter 650

 The ringmaster above was a medium-sized man, well-muscled and somewhat ordinary looking.

                The challenge, on the other hand, was a tall, extremely muscular man.

                After this muscular man went up, the bout did not start.

                Instead, the big screen above, surprisingly, showed the identity of this muscular man.

                From the content of that screen, it could be seen that the muscular man was a retired mercenary who had carried out many missions in war-torn areas and killed countless people.

                And from the size of this muscular man it could be seen that he was by no means a figure to be messed with.

                Yuan Feng: "The outer edge is open."

                "One to one and a half for the muscle man, one to zero and eight for the ringmaster."

                "Old Mo, what do you think?"

                Mo Lun looked as if he was pointing out the situation, "It looks like the bookmaker is quite confident in this ringmaster."

                "However, I'm still leaning towards this muscle man."

                "Look at his introduction guys, retired mercenary, killed countless people in the battlefield."

                "This kind of person, walking out of a mountain of corpses and blood, is the most dangerous."

                "The dealer doesn't know his stuff, how dare he underestimate this kind of person, he deserves to be unlucky."

                "This one, I'm afraid he's going to beat that ringmaster to death alive!"

                Yuan Feng instantly became excited, "Buy some?"

                Huang Yongwen smiled heatedly, "Sure, just as an appetizer."

                "Buy less, half a million."

                Casually flinging out half a million, Huang Yongwen was full of smugness as he looked at He Qianxue again.

                It was a pity that He Qianxue didn't even look at him, making him quite annoyed.

                "Mr. Lin, since you're here, why don't you have some fun?"

                "Old Mo is very good at this, he's definitely not wrong."

                "Feel free to buy some, you'll definitely make a profit."

                Huang Yongwen said with a smirk.

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I don't like this kind of thing."

                "And, let me advise you, don't buy too much."

                "That muscle man, not much chance of winning."

                Mo Lun's face changed and he said in a deep voice, "What do you mean?"

                "You think that ringmaster can win?"

                "Hmph, people like you are just flowers living in a hothouse."

                "You don't even know how dangerous the battlefield really is!"

                "Nor will you ever know just how terrifying the King of War who comes down from the battlefield really is!"

                Zhao Ya also laughed coldly, "Lin Mo, don't pretend to be a connoisseur in front of a connoisseur."

                "Our old Mo, is the champion of taekwondo in Guang Province, the premier powerhouse in China."

                "His analysis is definitely not wrong!"

                "Do you not like it or do you not have the money?"

                "Oh, yes, I almost forgot."

                "What you eat, wear and use is all from the Xu family, you definitely don't have much money yourself!"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this Zhao Ya was really speaking in a sarcastic manner.

                Huang Yongwen laughed, "Aiya, since we're all out to have fun, it doesn't matter if it's money or not."

                "Mr. Lin, if you don't have any money, I can lend you some."

                "It must be a solid profit anyway!"

                Lin Mo shook his head once again, if it wasn't for coming in to have a look, he wouldn't even bother with these people.

                Seeing this, Huang Yongwen also ignored Lin Mo and turned to He Qianxue, "Miss He, why don't I buy 100,000 for you?"

                "The win is on you, the loss is on me."

                If an ordinary girl heard such words, she would definitely be shocked.

                Unfortunately, He Qianxue was not an ordinary person.

                She glanced at Huang Yongwen, "No need."

                "This muscular man looks dull and dumb, he definitely can't win."

                Huang Yongwen couldn't help but be annoyed and glared indignantly at Lin Mo, but there was nothing he could do.

                He could only be fierce in his heart, hoping that the muscle man would quickly settle the ringmaster and hit Lin Mo's face hard.

                In less than ten minutes, the bout began.

                The crowd originally thought that the muscular man could easily solve the Ringmaster, but the situation on the spot was completely out of their expectation.

                The Ringmaster looked ordinary, but his strikes were extremely terrifying. In less than three minutes, the muscular man fell to the ring covered in blood, unaware of his life or death.