Medical Genius Chapter 649

 Lin Mo frowned, how could he and Zhao Ya have any old time to catch up?

                This arrangement of Zhao Ya's could be seen by a fool.

                However, Huang Yongwen had already stood up and came directly to Lin Mo's side.

                "Brother Lin, please do."

                Lin Mo frowned and was thinking of how to refuse, but He Qianxue immediately got up, "Yes, Brother Lin, let's both go over together."

                "Miss Zhao, I know the situation in Guangyang City much better, I will definitely be able to speak more clearly if I am with Lin Mo."

                "Come, come, come, please change two seats."

                This time, Zhao Ya's few people were confused.

                Zhao Ya was trying to create an opportunity for Huang Yongwen to be alone with He Qianxue.

                What was the point of Huang Yongwen sitting over there if He Qianyue had also changed over?

                However, the words had already been said, so even if he wanted to change, he couldn't.

                In the end, He Qianyue and Lin Mo both switched to Zhao Ya's side, and Huang Yongwen sat alone on the outside, not to mention how depressed he was.

                Luckily, the opening ceremony began.

                The opening was preceded by a song and dance performance, something that the crowd had long since grown tired of seeing, and was just a warm-up.

                Soon, a large ring was set up on the spot.

                Yuan Feng's eyes lit up and he said excitedly, "Here comes the main event!"

                The crowd looked carefully, only to see that after the ring was set up, there was a burly man walking straight up.

                "This is the winner of the last tournament."

                "This time, as the ring-keeper, he accepts challenges from all sides."

                "Defeat him and you will receive five million in cash!"

                "And if he guards the ring for three matches, if he succeeds, he can receive ten million in prize money!"

                Yuan Feng introduced excitedly.

                Zhao Ya said in surprise, "You can get five million for beating him?"

                "That's too easy money to earn, isn't it?"

                Yuan Feng laughed, "That's not necessarily true."

                "The ring at Wu Zhai is not the kind of boxing you see."

                "Here, it's something that can kill people!"

                "When you get into the ring, you are responsible for your own life and death, this is the rule of Wu Zhai."

                "Those ring masters, in order to keep others from challenging him, are particularly ruthless."

                "Just this ringmaster, in this ring, has killed at least seven fighters."

                "If you want this money, you first have to think about whether you have the life to take it!"

                Zhao Ya's face changed slightly, how could she know the viciousness of this underground boxing world?

                Huang Yongwen looked at Mo Lun next to him and smiled, "Brother Mo, why don't you go and try?"

                "You're the chief champion of taekwondo in Guang Province, so you can deal with this kind of wild man, that's not a handful?"

                Mo Lun was full of arrogance, "Of course."

                "We are participating in a national level competition, it's not at all comparable to such a small fight of a countryside village boy."

                "But, as you know, our martial arts team has strict rules."

                "If the team knew that I was fighting in black boxing, it would be a problem."

                "Besides, five million to let me fight, that's too cheap!"

                Huang Yongwen nodded his head repeatedly, "That's right."

                "You're going to be a national champion in the future, it's not worth ruining your future for this small amount of money."

                "You can buy a random car for more than five million."

                "Right, I just bought a Ferrari last month, 13 million, it's not bad to drive, try it out later?"

                As he spoke, Huang Yongwen also quietly glanced at He Qianxue.

                This, of course, was also said for He Qianxue's ears.

                He Qianxue seemed to be completely deaf, she was not a fool, she had seen this kind of scheme many times.

                Besides, is the He family a family that lacks money?

                These people together were not as rich as her family, so to show off in front of her was not a disgrace.

                At that moment, there was a commotion below.

                The crowd hurriedly looked over, only to see a tall man jumping into the ring.

                Everyone screamed.

                The opening bout was the main event, and when someone finally stepped into the ring to challenge, the atmosphere was suddenly electric.