Medical Genius Chapter 648

 Found Zhao Ya a few people in the crowd.

                Zhao Ya casually introduced them.

                The man next to her was named Yuan Feng and was her husband.

                The other two men, one named Huang Yongwen and one named Mo Lun.

                When Zhao Ya introduced them, she also focused on Huang Yongwen, saying that he was a relative of the Huang family, one of the ten largest families in Guangdong Province.

                The status in the province is very high, there are three companies under the name, family assets of several hundred million or something like that.

                Huang Yongwen himself is polite and courteous, as if very civilized.

                After Zhao Ya's introduction, he immediately extended his hand towards He Qianxue: "Miss He, nice to meet you."

                He Qianxue ignored it and stretched her neck to look at the venue, "It's almost time to start, right?"

                "Let's hurry inside, don't delay."

                Huang Yongwen looked embarrassed and could only pull his hand back.

                Several people entered the venue, Zhao Ya introduced though it seemed very powerful.

                But in fact, their tickets, belong to the back of the relatively.

                Those seats in the real front row, they could not get them, only bigwigs from all over the world could get them.

                Lin Mo they sat in the third row of the penultimate, sitting here, but also mostly some tourists.

                Not long after the crowd sat down, Lin Mo saw an acquaintance, Lu Sanzhen from the sea city.

                He sat in the front row, belonging to the real big brother level.

                It is no wonder that such an existence as Lv Sanzhen, even the elders of the top ten families in Guangdong Province, can only sit on an equal footing with him.

                It is normal to sit at the front of the table when you come to this Wu Cottage.

                In addition to be able to sit with Lv Sanzhen, there are only three people.

                Huang Yongwen, as if to show how knowledgeable he was, began to comment on them one by one.

                "See, the one on the far left, is the big man of Jiang Province, Lu Zhongze, the legendary big man who can arm-wrestle with the South Bastard of our Guang Province."

                "The one next to Lu Zhongze is Zhang Qian, the young master of the Zhang family, one of the top ten families in Suzhou Province."

                "The one in the middle, is the divine doctor Lu Sanzhen from Haicheng, this is the real big brother level figure. If you look at the six southern provinces, whoever sees Lv Sanzhen, you have to be polite."

                "The rightmost side, is our province's Li Dunwen. This person, and my Huang family also has some origin, his daughter, is married to my Huang family, he rose to prominence!"

                Speaking of this, Huang Yongwen is full of arrogance, as if he single-handedly lifted up this Li Dunwen.

                Zhao Ya immediately said enviously, "Really?"

                "Young Huang, then aren't you very familiar with Li Dunwen?"

                "I heard that this Li Dunwen can really be a big shot."

                "In the past, when Nanba Tian entered the provincial city, Li Dunwen said one word, Nanba Tian immediately obediently rolled back, is it true?"

                Huang Yongwen sneered: "Nanba Tian is nothing!"

                "He is also cooped up in Guangyang City, is a small local snake."

                "If you really want to go out of Guangyang City, if you look at Guangyang Province, there are no less than ten big brothers who can trample him underfoot."

                "You people in Guangyang City, sitting in a well and watching the sky, only then will you tout Nanba Tian."

                "When you get out of Guangyang City, you will find that the world outside is not as simple as you think!"

                When he said this, Huang Yongwen quietly sized up He Qianxue again.

                Men attract women's attention the most when they are pointing to the mountains.

                He deliberately said it in an impassioned manner, just to attract He Qianxue's attention.

                Unfortunately, He Qianyue was just fiddling with her phone, as if she didn't hear him, making him quite upset.

                Seeing this, Zhao Ya immediately said, "Right, Lin Mo, come over here for a moment, I have some things I want to ask you."

                "I haven't been back to Guangyang City for several years, so I don't know many things anymore."

                "Young Huang, how about bothering you to change places with Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo and He Qianxue were sitting together, and Zhao Ya asked Huang Yongwen to change places with Lin Mo, which actually meant that he wanted Huang Yongwen to go and sit next to He Qianxue.

                Huang Yongwen was naturally very happy and immediately nodded: "Sure."

                "You old friends meet, it's only right to catch up."