Medical Genius Chapter 647

 This He Qianxue is still more resourceful, can see that Zhao Ya and Xu Hanxia know, so no more jokes.

                Zhao Ya skimmed: "Oh, don't come if you're not familiar with this kind of place."

                "And find a guide?"

                "Lin Mo, this kind of place, is not for people like you to come."

                "I advise you a word, hurry back."

                "The outside world is very dangerous, you kind of greenhouse white boy, not suitable for out blowing wind."

                A few people in the back burst into laughter.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, just about to speak, Zhao Ya next to the man smiled and walked over.

                "Xiao Ya, come out to play, meet is fate."

                "Buddy, I happen to have a few tickets for the opening party here, go sit together later?"

                The man seemed to be talking to Lin Mo, but his eyes were constantly glancing at He Qianxue.

                Obviously, his purpose was not to invite Lin Mo, but to invite He Qianxue.

                Lin Mo just wanted to refuse, but He Qianxue directly agreed: "Yes, I'll see you at the opening later."

                He Qianxue dragged Lin Mo and left first.

                This side of Zhao Ya looked upset: "What are you doing?"

                "How rare are the tickets for the opening ceremony, and you invite such trash?"

                "I want to throw up when I see him, why are you inviting him?"

                The man laughed: "Xiaoya, you don't think for yourself, you have to think for your friends."

                "Huang Shao's girl is not smart, just driven away by Huang Shao."

                "Huang Shao alone, you also have to consider for the happiness of Huang Shao consider well."

                "The girl beside this kid looks pretty good, accompanying Huang to play a few days or can."

                The young man in the back smiled slightly and nodded his head in satisfaction.

                Although He Qiuxue's looks are not as good as Xu Hanxia Song Zhilan, but it is definitely a school flower level beauty, making people extremely stunning kind.

                This youth, to He Qianyue or very thoughtful.

                Zhao Ya immediately laughed: "So that's how it is, you did not say earlier."

                "OK, this kind of wild girl, although low origin, but it is still OK to play."

                "Huang Shao, the night is up to you."

                Huang Shao was full of smugness and said with a smile, "Don't worry."

                "It's too easy to take down this kind of little girl who is not versed in the world."

                He Qianxue wore a sweatshirt this time, dressed in a very innocent way, and made people think she was just an uninitiated little girl.

                On the other hand, Lin Mo said suspiciously, "Miss He, why did you promise them?"

                "These few people, they don't have any good intentions."

                He Qianxue heatedly smiled, "Big brother Lin, you don't know this, right?"

                "The opening meeting here is a lot of fun."

                "Not only are all the bigwigs from all sides gathered, but the most crucial thing is that some rare items from this black market will be put up for exhibition in advance."

                "You want something, go to the opening meeting to see is the most suitable."

                "Only, it's not easy to get into the opening meeting."

                "If my grandfather is here, he can definitely get tickets."

                "I wouldn't be able to do that."

                "Since those few ingrates are willing to invite us, why not go?"

                Lin Mo suddenly realized, then frowned: "If I had known, I would have come with your grandfather."

                "I almost missed this opening meeting."

                He Qianxue heatedly laughed, not feeling embarrassed at all.

                Lin Mo glanced at her and said in a deep voice: "Pay attention at night."

                "Those few men, they don't have good intentions."

                He Qianxue laughed: "Brother Lin, with you, am I still afraid of them?"

                Lin Mo was speechless, this He Qianxue, she was really spooky.

                Not long after, it was time for the opening meeting.

                He Qianxue led Lin Mo to the outside of the only short building within the market, which had long been crowded with people.

                The opening meeting of the black market is still very attractive, tickets are the kind of hard to find for a thousand dollars.