Medical Genius Chapter 646

 Five minutes later, the two arrived at Lin Zhao's market.

                This market, in fact, is an open field.

                It was surrounded by a fence and was relatively simple inside.

                However, there were already a lot of people inside this market now.

                There are sneaky and thieving solo travelers.

                There are also accompanied by couples, friends and so on.

                There are also some big bellies, followed by beautiful women and five big bodyguards of rich businessmen.

                "Those who come here, besides some buyers and sellers, are more tourists."

                He Qianxue explained.

                Lin Mo was surprised: "There are still tourists?"

                He Qianxue nodded: "Of course there are."

                "Didn't I tell you before, this place, after being set down by Lin Zhao, there are many people who come here to race dogs and bet on boxing."

                "Now people with a little money, all like the excitement."

                "There are such competitions, naturally will also attract many tourists."

                "Otherwise, the people here, how to make money?"

                Lin Mo frowned, he did not have much interest in things like dog racing and boxing.

                He Qianxue saw that Lin Mo's expression was not right, and didn't go any further.

                In fact, she had come here several times before, two of them, not even with her grandfather.

                At that time, her mind was also running to find excitement.

                Otherwise, she would not be so familiar with this place.

                The two of them went ahead, and on the way, Lin Mo was also constantly paying attention to those people around.

                Although the market will not open until tomorrow, but today, there are already a lot of people put out the goods.

                This way, after the market opens tomorrow, it will be able to get off more quickly.

                Lin Mo walked all the way, and really saw a few good things.

                He made a note of the location of these few people, ready to buy these things tomorrow when the market opens.

                As they walked back, they brushed shoulders with a line of people.

                One of the girls eeked and turned her head and said curiously, "Lin Mo?"

                Lin Mo stopped walking and turned his head to look.

                The girl looked at Lin Mo and said in amazement, "You are Lin Mo, right?"

                Lin Mo nodded, he also recognized this girl, named Zhao Ya, was Xu Hanxia's college classmate.

                When Xu Hanxia was in college, she and Zhao Ya were roommates.

                This Zhao Ya, her family had some assets.

                The most crucial thing is that she is Cui Yifan's cousin!

                To say that Xu Hanxia and Cui Yifan know, or this Zhao Ya has been set up by the reason.

                Xu Hanxia is going to get married with Lin Mo, Zhao Ya also found Xu Hanxia several times, trying to convince Xu Hanxia kicked Lin Mo, married with Cui Yifan.

                Later, things did not work out, although she came to the wedding, but from beginning to end did not give Lin Mo a good look.

                In those years, Xu Hanxia's circle of classmates mocked Lin Mo, most of the things from Zhao Ya.

                It is said that later this Zhao Ya married to the province, and then never seen again.

                I really did not expect to meet her here again!

                Zhao Ya was followed by three men and one woman, and when they saw He Qianxue, they couldn't hide the amazement in their eyes.

                One of the men immediately came over: "Xiao Ya, these two are your friends?"

                Zhao Ya sneered, "Friends?"

                "I'm not qualified to be a friend of Young Master Lin!"

                "Come, come, I'll introduce you."

                "This, is the one I told you about, without spending a penny, he married our number one beauty in Guangyang City, Lin Mo Lin Shao."

                The next few people suddenly realized, looking at Lin Mo's eyes, suddenly full of disdain.

                It can be seen that this Zhao Ya even after going to the provincial city, but also not less behind the scenes to say bad things about Lin Mo ah.

                Zhao Ya glanced at He Qianxue and said contemptuously, "Lin Mo, what are you doing here?"

                "A new target again?"

                "Tsk, kicked by half a summer?"

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, he was too lazy to talk more nonsense with Zhao Ya.

                He Qianxue, however, was annoyed and glared, "How are you talking?"

                "Mr. Lin is my grandfather's good friend, I'm here specifically to act as a guide for him!"