Medical Genius Chapter 644

 He Qianxue: "What, I'm going with you, can't I?"

                "Don't look down on people, okay? I know Wu Zhai very well too!"

                "I've been there several times with my grandfather!"

                Lin Mo scratched his head, "No, I've agreed with your grandfather that we'll both go together, right?"

                "Didn't Elder He ask you to pick me up?"

                He Qianxue nodded, "Yes, my grandfather asked me to pick you up from Wu Zhai!"

                "He's busy with something, so, I can only go for him."

                Lin Mo's eyes widened, "Are you kidding?"

                "How could Elder He do that?"

                "Wait a minute, I'll call He Lao now."

                Lin Mo took out his mobile phone and hurriedly called He Lao.

                However, after calling several times, no one answered.

                At this moment, the vehicle had already gotten onto the highway.

                He Qianxue smiled, "Just don't get busy."

                "My grandfather's phone, has been set to call forward by me, you can't reach him."

                Lin Mo was confused: "No, Miss He, you ...... what the hell are you doing here?"

                "We both went to Wu Zhai to have business ah, what are you doing there?"

                "Stop it, it's not fun."

                He Qianxue: "Who's messing with you, I'm going to have business too, okay."

                "Don't forget, I have to help that father and son, I have to go buy medicine!"

                Lin Mo: "Didn't I say I'd buy it for you!"

                He Qianxue: "This is something I want to do myself!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, to put it bluntly, you just want to go to Wu Zhai with me?

                Seeing that Lin Mo didn't say anything, He Qianxue smiled wryly, "What's wrong, brother Lin, are you afraid that I'll eat you up?"

                "Hey, now that we're on the highway, it's useless to be afraid!"

                "What's the saying?"

                "If you can't resist, then you can simply enjoy it!"

                Lin Mo was helpless, this He Qianxue, when she was quirky, no one could do anything about her.

                The vehicle was moving on the highway, and it was only after leaving Guangyang that Lin Mo was forced to accept this fact.

                He Qianxue was still quite well prepared, the car had all the food and drinks to catch up with the picnic.

                Lin Mo looked at the car and said in confusion, "Why are you driving this car?"

                "Don't you have to drive a luxury car?"

                He Qianxue brushed her mouth off, "That was before."

                "Now I'm going to clean up my act and start all over again, starting from the bottom."

                Lin Mo: "If we were at the bottom, we would have bought two train tickets, standing tickets, and stood all the way there."

                He Qianxue waved her hand: "You're raising your voice."

                "When I say bottom, I don't mean we have to start by begging, but we have to start with the basics of life."

                "Also, there's a reason why I'm driving this car."

                "That place, Wu Zhai, is very complicated."

                "There are three religions and nine streams, there are all kinds of people."

                "You must not drive a luxury car when you go shopping."

                "Otherwise, people think you're rich and cheat you, that's all secondary."

                "The most crucial thing is that if you are not strong enough, you might not even be able to walk out of Wu Zhai."

                "So, keeping a low profile is the most crucial!"

                Lin Mo was suddenly enlightened, he didn't expect that He Qianxue was quite clear about the situation of Wu Zhai.

                It was not until after four in the afternoon that the two of them arrived at Wu Zhai.

                Wu Zhai may seem remote, but in fact, it is very prosperous.

                The town is full of hotels and restaurants, as well as various entertainment venues.

                Although it was not as prosperous as Guangyang City, it was definitely comparable to the prosperity of an average city.

                He Qianxue skillfully drove the car to a hotel, led Lin Mo to the front desk and said domineeringly, "Hello, a large bed room."

                Lin Mo was startled and hastily took out a pile of money, "Two king-size bed rooms! Two! Two!"

                The receptionist was dumbfounded, looking at He Qianxue and then at Lin Mo, lowering his head and silently cursing a stupid B.

                With such a beautiful woman, you still want two king-size bed rooms?

                Are you out of your mind?