Medical Genius Chapter 642

 Lin Mo waved his hand, "Don't ask me, go back and ask your father."

                "He knows these things much better than I do."

                He Qianxue didn't hesitate and immediately called her dad.

                Her dad knew a lot of people in the medical system in Guangyang City, not only officially, but also including some clinics underground.

                After less than an hour's time, the news came back.

                Just as Lin Mo had said, that father and son, indeed, had found a black market clinic to help him with this transplant.

                And that man had raised the money to pay for the medical expenses of this black market clinic.

                The kidney he had sold before was also sold through this black market clinic.

                It was not easy for other people to find out about this, but it was really easy for the He family to investigate this.

                When He Qianxue got the news, she rushed over with Lin Mo at the first opportunity and picked up the father and son from the black market clinic.

                He Qianxue gave the man a very solemn apology and also expressed his intentions.

                The man did not expect that He Qianxue would be so capable.

                When he heard that his father had been saved and that he did not have to die, he burst into tears of joy and knelt down on the ground to thank He Qianxue.

                The man's father was bewildered, he did not know what his son had done.

                When he heard He Qianxue say the whole thing, he burst into old tears and hugged his son, crying like a child.

                In this world, there are few parents who do not love their children!

                However, how many children are there who can be so filial to their parents?

                He Qianxue was also filled with emotion as she looked at him. She was usually in contact with those second-generation children and had never experienced the life of the lowest strata of society.

                Now that she saw this man, she was really touched.

                After this incident, she had really grown up a lot.

                When she returned home that night, she spoke to Elder He about the incident.

                At the same time, she suggested to Elder He that she wanted to set up a fund to raise money to help some poor people in need.

                Elder He was quite surprised, he really did not expect that this granddaughter of his would be so enlightened.

                In the past, He Qianxue had been very arrogant and haughty.

                She lived a life of paper and gold, hanging out with those second-generation children.

                He did not even want to look at these people who lived at the bottom of the social ladder.

                He was a kind-hearted man, and seeing his granddaughter in this state made him feel very uncomfortable in his heart. However, he was unable to change his granddaughter's mind and could only listen to it.

                Now that she had come to such a realisation, it made Elder He's heart very excited.

                That evening, he called Lin Mo and excitedly thanked him.

                Lin Mo also did not expect that this one incident today could make such a big change in He Qianxue.

                His view of He Qianxue had also changed a little.

                Honestly, at the beginning, Lin Mo actually hated He Qianxue very much.

                Lin Mo was quite unhappy when she stayed in his office, but only because of He Lao's face, he did not kick her out.

                I didn't expect that He Qianxue would have such a change of heart, which impressed Lin Mo.

                If He Qianxue really wanted to set up a fund to help the poor, he would be willing to help her.

                After all, he himself had come from the bottom of society.

                He knew very well the feeling of despair when a loved one was obviously still alive but had no money for medical treatment!

                If He Qianxue could really do such a good deed, that would truly be inheriting the family's will and universalising all beings.

                The next day, He Qianxue didn't come to work.

                She was at the major hospitals helping with enquiries and helping that man's father find a suitable kidney source.

                Lin Mo was sitting alone in his office and was quite bored.

                It was not until the afternoon that He Qianxue returned to the office with a sullen look on her face.

                "What's wrong?"

                "Who made you angry?"

                Lin Mo said curiously.