Medical Genius Chapter 640

 Lin Mo gave He Qianxue a look and simply sat down beside the man.

                Despite being abused by so many people around, the man turned a deaf ear to the insults, clutching his bowl and gulping down the bowl of soup.

                Looking at him like this, He Qianxue was even more furious, she felt that this liar was too arrogant.

                "Lin Mo, if you can't tell me where I'm at fault, I'll call the police right now!"

                He Qianxue said angrily, while secretly vowing in her heart that she would never see Lin Mo again in her life.

                The reason she came to Lin Mo was because she admired him from the bottom of her heart.

                But what Lin Mo had done today really made her look down on him.

                Lin Mo patted the man's shoulder and suddenly said, "Buddy, when is the operation?"

                The man froze for a moment, his face changed sharply and he looked at Lin Mo incredulously.

                "You ...... how do you know?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "From the moment you guys came in, I could tell."

                The man lowered his head, his eyes red: "Soon."

                "Just a few more days and the money will come together."

                Lin Mo sighed, "Do you know that after this operation, you won't survive!"

                The man gritted his teeth and didn't say anything.

                He Qianxue was a little confused as she whispered, "What ...... operation?"

                "You're sick?"

                "You ...... you cheat money for a cure?"

                She was a little flustered, if she treated a patient like this, she would be over it too.

                The man shook his head, "I'm not sick."

                He Qianxue's face instantly became embarrassed: "You're not sick, so what are you cheating money for?"

                "You ...... you ......"

                The man whispered, "But, my father has ah!"

                Saying this, the man's eyes unconsciously welled up with tears: "Uremia, can't find a suitable kidney source, can only replace mine."

                "I can't skip meals, I have to ensure adequate nutrition, I ...... have to save him!"

                He Qianxue froze, this sentence, the impact on her was too big, her mind couldn't help but go blank.

                All the people around were also silent, no one expected that it would be such a situation.

                After a while, one of them said, "Hey, this child, she is still very filial!"

                "But, it's just a kidney replacement, it's not a big deal."

                "Kid, I know a friend who had a kidney removed and is still alive and well."

                "Be optimistic, in this world, there are no hurdles you can't overcome."

                He Qianxue nodded.

                Lin Mo sighed and said softly, "If he had two kidneys and cut one off, he could live."

                "But what if there is only one kidney left?''

                At these words, there was an uproar all around.

                He Qianxue exclaimed, "How can there be just one kidney left?"

                Lin Mo looked at the man.

                The man's hands were clenched, his nails piercing deep into his flesh. He gritted his teeth for half a day and said in a low voice, "All these years, in order to give him medical attention, I ...... I sold one long ago."

                At this moment, everyone in the entire shop boiled over.

                No one had expected that it would be such a situation.

                He Qianxue was anxious: "You only have one kidney left, you still move it to him, then you are not dead?"

                "You ...... how can you do that?"

                The man looked at He Qianxue and then looked out at the alleyway and whispered, "He always taught me to be honest and to keep my feet on the ground."

                "In my life, it looks like I won't be able to be honest."

                "I can only pay him back what I owe him!"

                "I came because of him and went for him, there is nothing wrong with that!"

                "Gentlemen, I'm sorry!"

                The man finished speaking and rushed out of the noodle shop in tears.

                He Qianxue sat in her chair, her entire body frozen.

                Only now did she understand Lin Mo's remark that things in this world were not either black or white.

                Thinking of the way the man had carried his father in on his back just now, or maybe, when he was a child, his father had carried him like that.

                You raised me young, I raised you old.

                In this life, my biggest regret is that I can't be with you forever.