Medical Genius Chapter 639

 After the old man finished speaking, he tremblingly took out a pile of money from his pocket.

                He Qianxue glanced at it and frowned, the money in the old man's hand was quite a lot.

                These two people, who were not desperate, were still doing this kind of scam, which made her despise the man even more.

                Just then, the man suddenly shot out his hand and held the old man down.

                "Dad, what are you doing?"

                "Why should we just lose money!"

                "What did I ...... I do?"

                "She said I cheated money, so I cheated money?"

                The man shouted.

                He Qianxue was annoyed, "How dare you say you didn't cheat money?"

                "I'm telling you, there is surveillance in this shop, why don't we pull out the surveillance and take a look!"

                "Or, should I just call the police and let them sort this out?"

                The man stuttered for a moment, lowering his head and not daring to speak.

                When the old man saw this, he immediately understood the situation.

                He pointed at the man in pain, "You ...... you are such a disappointment to me!"

                "How could I have raised a child like you!"

                "Hey, girl, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's all my fault."

                "I have money, I'll pay you, I'll pay you for him ......"

                The old man faltered and took the money out, but was stopped by the man: "Dad, you can't give him this money!"

                "It's your life saving money!"

                The old man was furious: "If my life-saving money is cheated by you bit by bit like this, I ...... I'd rather die!"

                The old man said, threw down a pile of money and ran off in a huff.

                The man scrambled to pick up the money that was scattered all over the place.

                He Qianxue looked contemptuous: "People like you, so heartless!"

                "Look how angry you've made your father!"

                "You still have the face to be here picking up money?"

                The man didn't say anything, picked up all the money, and surprisingly, sat down and started to continue eating the noodles.

                He Qianxue was even more annoyed, pointing at the man and cursing him.

                It wasn't until she yelled that she wanted to call the police that Lin Mo finally came over and stopped her.

                "Come on, for a small matter, why bother!"

                Lin Mo said softly.

                He Qianxue was anxious: "Lin Mo, what is wrong with you?"

                "Is this a trivial matter?"

                "You ...... weren't like this before!"

                "Oh, when things involve people around you, you have to manage to the end. It has nothing to do with the people around you, you don't care!"

                "I really misjudged you, thanks to I still think you are a big benevolent and righteous hero, how can you be so selfish ah?"

                The crowd around was also whispering and cajoling, "This girl, she really is a hero among women!"

                "That's right, there are few girls who dare to be like her,"

                "This Lin Mo is not good enough for her!"

                "What kind of man is he if he has no sense of responsibility?"

                The crowd mocked, hoping that He Qianxue would kick Lin Mo out.

                Lin Mo didn't care and waved his hand, "Alright, are you done eating?"

                "Finished, go back to work!"

                He Qianxue looked at the man who was still gulping down his noodles and was even more annoyed, "No, I have to settle this matter clearly today!"

                "Your father has left and you still have the face to eat here?"

                "Are you even human!"

                "People like you should go to jail!"

                "I'll call the police now!"

                He Qianxue aggressively dialed the number, ready to call the police.

                Lin Mo finally couldn't help himself and grabbed her phone: "Stop it!"

                He Qianxue was extremely angry: "Lin Mo, how can you be such a person?"

                "You don't care about yourself, but you don't let others care about you, do you have any sense of public decency left?"

                Lin Mo gave her a look and said in a deep voice: "He Qianxue, do you really think that what you see is right?"

                "Things in this world are not black or white."

                "There are some things that you are not qualified to judge others because you don't know the reason for them!"

                He Qianxue was unconvinced, "Lin Mo, you say I don't see things correctly, so tell me, what exactly am I wrong about?"

                "I just don't believe it, I caught a liar, and this is still wrong?"