Medical Genius Chapter 638

 Not long after, two bowls of noodles were brought up.

                He Qianxue looked at the big bowl of fried knife-sharp noodles and was somewhat at a loss for words.

                She had always eaten very delicately since she was a child, so she had never eaten anything so luxurious.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was eating with great relish.

                He Qianxue was filled with anger, but she couldn't say anything, who let herself brag earlier that she could eat anything.

                After taking her chopsticks and barely eating two bites, He Qianxue couldn't eat any more and looked around bored.

                Suddenly, she saw a thin, dark-skinned man who seemed to have not bathed in a long time quietly arrive at the entrance of the shop.

                The man looked around for a moment and when a customer next to him got up to leave, he immediately went over and sat down in this customer's place.

                The customer's bowl was still confiscated, and he picked up his chopsticks and pretended to be eating. In fact, there was nothing left in that bowl.

                He Qianxue was disgusted for a moment, how could anyone eat someone else's leftover food?

                Just then, a few more people walked in at the door.

                Seeing this, the man picked up his bowl of rice and buried his head to walk out.

                As he passed by these people, he deliberately bumped into one of them.

                With a bang, the bowl he was holding fell to the ground, spilling noodle soup all over the place.

                The man immediately stormed out, "How do you walk?"

                "Don't you watch the road?"

                "You spilled my noodles!"

                "You pay me back!"

                The customer who came in looked confused and also thought it was his own fault, so he hurriedly said, "Dude, don't be mad."

                "How much is this bowl of noodles, I'll pay you back."

                The man exclaimed, "My bowl with extra meat, twenty!"

                The customer didn't care and took out twenty and handed it to the man.

                The man took the money and ran away happily.

                He Qianxue looked furious and whispered, "Lin Mo, did you see that?"

                "That man just now, so bad, cheating people with an empty bowl!"

                Lin Mo glanced at her, "Eat your own."

                "Do you care about so many idle things?"

                He Qianxue was unconvinced, "Why can't I care?"

                "I told you, when you see injustice on the road, you have to pull out your sword to help!"

                "This man is too bullying, if I see him later, I will break him down!"

                "I'm not like you men, you don't care about yourself, I can't see the sand in my eyes!"

                Lin Mo smiled helplessly, this He Qianxue, at times, was quite enthusiastic.

                The two of them hadn't finished eating when they saw the man walking in with an old man on his back.

                "Boss, two bowls of noodles."

                The man shouted.

                Not long after, two bowls of noodles were brought up and the man handed over twenty yuan and ate up with the old man.

                He Qianxue could see really well that the twenty yuan was the money he had just cheated others with.

                He Qianxue couldn't help it: "No, I'm going to break him down."

                Lin Mo whispered, "Alright, just mind your own business."

                He Qianxue glared at him, "How is this called minding your own business?"

                "It's called stopping someone from doing evil!"

                After saying that, He Qianxue got up straight away and ran to the man's table, "Hey, you still have the face to eat, huh?"

                "Is it comfortable to spend money that you cheat others?"

                "You're a man, you have hands and feet, what can you do but cheat people?"

                "Don't you have any shame!"

                The man looked embarrassed and annoyed: "You ...... who are you calling a liar?"

                The old man on the other side also froze: "What ...... is wrong?"

                "Girl, what did my son do?"

                He Qianxue gave the old man a look, "You don't know yet, do you?"

                "Your son took someone else's leftover empty bowl and banged it to cheat money."

                "Here, the twenty dollars for the meal just now, that's what he cheated."

                "Old man, this kind of meal, do you feel safe eating it?"

                The old man's face changed dramatically and he shot up, shivering with anger, "How can you do such a thing?"

                "I've taught you since you were a child that you can't steal or rob or cheat, how ...... can you do that?"

                "Girl, I'm sorry, this ...... this money, I'll pay you back, I'll pay you back ......"