Medical Genius Chapter 636

 After these few incidents, Xu Jiangong could see that the Zhou family and Old Zhang, they only trusted Lin Mo.

                If he made any more trouble, the result would be the same as before, these people would continue to withdraw their capital and Xu's Pharmaceutical would be completely finished.

                Therefore, he could only let Lin Mo take charge of the construction company now, and simply stop thinking about it himself.

                Xu Dongxue was reluctant: "Dad, that's billions of dollars."

                "Why don't we fight for it a bit more?"

                "At the very least, let Huang Liang become the general manager and manage the money, right?"

                This was what Huang Liang had secretly discussed with Xu Dongxue, he was always undeterred by the construction company side and wanted to go in and make a fortune.

                Xu Jiangong frowned and said in a deep voice, "Xue'er, did I not make myself clear enough?"

                "Let's not get involved in the construction company's side of things."

                "This time, it's not bad for our Xu family to keep the family fortune."

                "If you continue to make trouble, the Xu family's assets will be lost and we will be in debt, how can we live in the future?"

                Xu Dongxue said unconvincingly, "Dad, it's not like I'm saying that Huang Liang should be the chairman, I'm just asking Huang Liang to be the general manager."

                "The chairman is still Lin Mo, and those people are still working with Lin Mo all the time, what's wrong with that?"

                "They couldn't find an excuse even if they wanted to find trouble."

                "Besides, so much money ah, aren't you worried that Lin Mo is in there to embezzle it?"

                "Letting Huang Liang go in and keep an eye on it will also prevent Lin Mo from enriching himself, it's the best of both worlds!"

                Xu Jiangong hesitated for a moment, this was a good proposal.

                Fang Hui said in a low voice, "Aiya, I think, it's better not to toss it."

                "These few times have made my heart skip a beat."

                "Jian Gong ah, let's just open our pharmacy properly."

                "If anything else happens, I'm afraid we won't be able to end it!"

                Xu Dongxue said angrily, "Mum, how can you do this?"

                "This is our Xu family's property, if we don't fight for it ourselves, are we really going to give it away?"

                "Dad, this Lin Mo, has long wanted to swallow up our family's assets, don't you want to guard against him?"

                "Let's fight for it again, at least, we need to be transparent and know where our family's money really is!"

                Xu Jiangong was silent for a long time and nodded slowly: "You're right."

                "Even if we don't take care of the construction company, we still need to be transparent about the accounts."

                "Okay, it's settled."

                "Let's go straight to the construction company!"

                Huang Liang was overjoyed and immediately changed lanes, heading straight for the construction company.

                Lin Mo was at the construction company, having a meeting with some shareholders.

                When he learned that Xu Jiangong had come, Lin Mo's brow immediately furrowed.

                He knew that after Xu Dongxue came out, he would definitely make a demon.

                He knew that after Xu Dongxue came out, she would definitely act as a demon, and at this time, she must have some sudden idea again.

                When he received Xu Jiangong, Xu Jiangong opened the door and directly asked Lin Mo to arrange for Huang Liang to be the general manager of the company and be in charge of the financial aspect of the company.

                Between the words, he did not give Lin Mo a chance to refuse.

                Lin Mo was helpless, he could see very clearly that Xu Jiangong had sent Huang Liang to monitor the flow of the company's funds.

                If he refused, then Xu Jiangong would only think that he had different intentions, and he would make even more trouble.

                Lin Mo had no choice but to agree to make Huang Liang the general manager of the company.

                Huang Liang, of course, was overjoyed and immediately moved his things over to take up his post.

                As for Xu Jiangong, after he had arranged for Huang Liang to come in, a big stone finally fell to the ground in his heart.

                In his opinion, with Huang Liang watching over the financial side, he would not have to worry about Lin Mo enriching himself.

                At that time, when the villa project was finished and this large sum of money was earned, he also planned to transfer this money to his own account.

                In this way, the assets would always be in his hands and would not be swallowed by Lin Mo.