Medical Genius Chapter 635

 Huang Liang was a bit more resourceful as he hurriedly pulled Xu Dongxue back.

                "Xue'er, stop it."

                "We can't fight the He family."

                "Let's go home first!"

                Huang Liang said in a low voice.

                Xu Dongxue was full of resentment, apologizing again and being slapped a few times, how could she stand going back like this?

                However, if she wanted to leave, they might not agree to her leaving.

                He Qianxue said in a cold voice, "I'm afraid you won't be able to leave!"

                "Your apology is not sincere enough, so I think there is no need for us to reconcile."

                "Grandpa, I'm also going to call the police, I want her to go to jail!"

                He Lao nodded calmly, "No problem!"

                Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded, she apologized and received four slaps again, and nothing counted?

                "Hey, you ...... you don't go too far ah."

                "I've apologized, what else do you want?"

                "You can't go back on your word!"

                Xu Dongxue said urgently.

                He Qianxue sneered, "Is that an apology from you?"

                "Since you are insincere, there is no need for me to reconcile with you!"

                "Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with someone like you who has no integrity, prepare to go to jail!"

                Seeing He Lao take out his phone, Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Miss He, I ...... I beg you, give her a chance."

                "She is still young, this ...... is a lifetime ruined if she goes to jail."

                "How about I ...... I apologize to you, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ......"

                He Qianxue glanced at her disdainfully, "Whoever did this, whoever will take the blame!"

                "If your daughter is not willing to apologize, I will let her go to jail!"

                "As for you, you're not qualified to speak here!"

                Fang Hui looked helplessly at Xu Dongxue, she knew that He Qianxue was actually deliberately making things difficult for Xu Dongxue ah.

                Xu Dongxue's face was swollen red, but she finally said honestly, "Miss He, I'm sorry, I know I'm wrong."

                "You ...... you give me a chance ......"

                Xu Dongxue's heart was suffocating to the extreme, she had been slapped four times and ended up having to apologize, how had she ever suffered such a loss before?

                However, in front of the He family, this dumb loss, she can still only eat it.

                He Qianxue glanced at her and said in a cold voice, "A little person like you, I really don't put you in my eyes!"

                "This time, it's a lesson for you."

                "Remember, next time you see me, be honest with me."

                "Or else, next time, you won't be so lucky!"

                With those words, He Qianxue waved her hand straight away, "Get lost!"

                Xu Jiangong and the others fled out of the He family compound in a panic.

                Xu Dongxue was extremely annoyed in her heart, but in the end, she did not dare to say anything.

                This incident had made her fear He Qianxue from the bottom of her heart, and she really did not dare to be disrespectful to him in the future.

                And in fact, this incident alone was not enough for so many people from the He family to come against them.

                This time, He Qianxue actually wanted to take revenge for Lin Mo.

                She felt that Lin Mo had been too lenient with the Xu family, so she took this opportunity to give the Xu family a severe beating.

                Of course, Xu Jiangong and the others could never have dreamed that He Qianxue was actually avenging Lin Mo's death.

                Walking out of the He family, they were all still thankful that He Qianxue had finally not pursued the matter further.

                Otherwise, this matter would have been troublesome.

                "No matter what, the matter is finally settled."

                "Xue'er, you should not think about it anymore either."

                "Let this incident be a lesson, you must not hit others casually in the future."

                Fang Hui said in a serious tone.

                Xu Dongxue's face was blue, she was angry, yet there was nothing she could do.

                "Dad, what about the construction company?"

                "Could it be, do we really let Lin Mo take charge of the construction company?"

                "That's a multi-billion dollar business, this can't be handed over to Lin Mo!"

                Xu Dongxue said in a low voice.

                Xu Jiangong waved his hand directly, "You don't say anything."

                "Let's leave this matter as it is, let Lin Mo do the construction company."

                "Let's stop tossing and turning, I really can't afford it anymore."