Medical Genius Chapter 634

 Xu Dongxue was instantly honest and eventually had to agree to go and apologise to He Qianxue.

                Lin Mo was quite speechless at this.

                He had guessed that Xu Dongxue would cheat, but he had not expected that even for something that Fang Hui had promised, Xu Dongxue would cheat.

                It looked like he would have to be more on guard against this woman in the future.

                After dinner, Xu Dongxue went to the He family to apologise to He Qianxue.

                Fang Hui wanted to let Lin Mo go with them, but Xu Hanxia stiffly pulled Lin Mo away.

                According to Xu Hanxia, it was best for Lin Mo not to get involved in such matters. Otherwise, if anything happened, it could be blamed on Lin Mo.

                When the Xu family entered the He family compound and saw the lavish decorations in the courtyard, the four Xu Jiangongs were all shocked.

                Only now did they understand how big the gap between themselves and the He family really was.

                Xu Dongxue's original arrogance and domineering nature had now been tempered.

                When they arrived at the living room, He Qianxue was sitting in the living room.

                Under the golden splendour, He Qianxue was like a princess surrounded by stars, all surrounded by people from the He family.

                Looking at the scene, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui could not help but gulp.

                This was the real family with deep roots, far beyond what they could compare!

                When He Qianxue saw Xu Dongxue, a hint of disdain wiped across his face.

                Xu Jiangong hurriedly stepped forward and politely said a few words of courtesy.

                Then, he pulled Xu Dongxue over and told her to apologise to He Qianyue.

                Xu Dongxue was still a little unconvinced, straining her neck, and casually said, "I'm sorry."

                He Qianxue frowned, with this attitude, how could she possibly accept it?

                "What did you say? I can't hear you!"

                He Qianxue said in a cold voice.

                Xu Dongxue was on fire: "How can you ...... you can't hear me?"

                "The two of us are standing so close, you must be able to hear."

                He Qianxue said coldly, "I just didn't hear you, don't you dispute that?"

                Xu Dongxue's face changed rapidly and she almost cursed.

                Fang Hui hurriedly said, "Miss He, I'm sorry, I'll ask her to re-apologise again."

                "Xue'er! Xue'er!"

                Fang Hui tugged at He Qianxue's clothes.

                Reluctantly, He Qianxue gritted her teeth and shouted, "I'm sorry!"

                With this attitude, not to mention He Qianxue, even He's family was displeased to the extreme.

                He Qianxue stood up and slowly walked up to Xu Dongxue.

                She looked at Xu Dongxue for a while, then suddenly raised her hand and slapped Xu Dongxue across the face with four slaps.

                At this moment, everyone in the Xu family was confused.

                He Qianxue then returned to the sofa and sat down, saying slowly, "Alright, this matter ends here."

                "Get lost, you guys!"

                Xu Dongxue, however, was furious and hissed loudly, "You ...... dare to hit me?"

                "This matter, I'm not finished with you!"

                "Mom, call the police! Call the police!"

                "I'll put her in jail too, I'll put her in jail!"

                Xu Dongxue's expression was fierce, as if she had finally caught a hold of He Qianxue.

                He Qianxue looked at Xu Dongxue with a smirk, "Yo, is this ready to tear your face off?"

                "Fine, you call the police, I want to see what you can do to me!"

                Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth, "I'll do to you what you do to me!"

                "I slapped you once and got locked up for a day."

                "You slap me four times, I'll be locked up for a year!"

                He Qianxue sneered, "Is that so?"

                "Then how do you prove that I hit you?"

                Xu Dongxue exclaimed, "How do you need proof of that?"

                "Everyone saw me being beaten, they can all testify!"

                He Qianxue laughed loudly and turned to the crowd around her, "Did you see me hit her?"

                The crowd shook their heads one after another.

                Xu Dongxue was anxious and hurriedly said, "My parents, my husband all saw it."

                "They can all testify!"

                He Lao said slowly, "Those are all your closest relatives, their testimonies are not enough to be accepted."

                Xu Dongxue was dumbfounded, she could see that she was afraid that she would have to eat this dumb loss this time.