Medical Genius Chapter 633

 Xu Dongxue immediately said, "This is what you promised, not what I promised!"

                "I didn't promise to go apologize!"

                "I've been locked up for a day, and I still have to apologise, that's too much of a disadvantage, isn't it?"

                "I just slapped her, what's the big deal?"

                Huang Liang also nodded, "Mom, I actually think Xue'er is right."

                "If they let Xue'er out yesterday, then it's only right that we go and apologise."

                "But, Xue'er has been locked up for a day and she still has to go and apologise, that's going too far."

                "She, He Qianxue, is a thousand-year-old lady, is our Xue'er so lowly?"

                "Why should we be imprisoned again and have to go apologise, there's no such reason!"

                Xu Dongxue was filled with joy when she heard Huang Liang speak up for herself.

                "Right, we just have to be reasonable!"

                "Locking me up for a day is considered a big loss for me."

                "And asking me to apologise, that's not possible!"

                Xu Dongxue exclaimed.

                Fang Hui said urgently, "How can this be possible?"

                "We've all promised people that the condition for letting you out is to go and apologise to someone."

                Huang Liang said slowly, "Mom, when you agreed to these conditions, you didn't discuss them with Xue'er, so how do you know if Xue'er is willing?"

                "Besides, for everything, it was brother-in-law who went to talk about it."

                "Brother-in-law, tell me yourself, is this the right thing to do?"

                "Xue'er has been locked up for a day and still has to go and apologise again, do you think it's reasonable yourself?"

                Xu Dongxue also turned pale and looked at Lin Mo angrily, "Fine, so you were the one who went to talk about it!"

                "No wonder it turned out like this, you're obviously setting me up!"

                "You son of a bitch, you're too sinister."

                "You knew that He Qianxue was a member of the He family and had her stay in your office to deal with us on purpose, didn't you?"

                "And what happened this time, you planned it all."

                "You deliberately harmed me and made me locked up inside for a day, I ...... I'll fight you I!"

                The more Xu Dongxue said, the angrier she became, hissing and rushing towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo frowned, things were pretty much as he thought, Xu Dongxue was really going to play a trick.

                Xu Hanxia was furious and shot up, "Xu Dongxue, you've had enough!"

                "Lin Mo saved you, even if you're not grateful, you're still saying such unconscionable things, are you not human?"

                "Lin Mo, you shouldn't have gotten involved in this matter at that time, what's in it for you?"

                "Forget it, let's forget about it!"

                Fang Hui hurriedly pulled Xu Hanxia, "Hanxia, don't be angry!"

                "Aiya, Xue'er, it's really not right for you to talk like that."

                "This time, if Lin Mo doesn't go and put in a good word, you ...... you might have to be locked up for a long time."

                Xu Jiangong also had a gloomy face, "Xue'er, stop it."

                "This matter, we've been watching from beginning to end."

                "If it wasn't for Lin Mo, there's no way the He family would have agreed to release you."

                "You have Lin Mo to thank for that!"

                Being reprimanded by her parents like this, Xu Dongxue's anger suddenly subsided, but she was still full of defiance.

                "I don't care, I'm not going to apologise anyway."

                "Lin Mo, you promised, you went to apologise to someone!"

                Xu Dongxue bristled.

                Lin Mo gave Xu Dongxue a deep look and said softly, "Whatever."

                "It's fine if you don't go and apologise."

                "However, let me advise you."

                "People haven't signed the letter of understanding yet."

                "If they pursue it again, they can always take you back again."

                "Or even, if He Qianxue identifies a minor injury or something, hmph, it won't be a matter of being locked up for a few days."

                Xu Dongxue was instantly dumbfounded as she looked at Huang Liang: "Is this ...... true?"

                Huang Liang, after all, had seen a lot, he looked embarrassed and nodded slowly, "Theoretically, it is indeed true."