Medical Genius Chapter 631

 Lin Mo said softly, "Dad, about Xue'er, I can help talk about it."

                "But, it may not be possible to talk about it."

                "As you all know, in three generations of the He family, there is only this one girl, who is simply the jewel in the palm of everyone in the He family."

                "Xue'er slapped someone, there's no way they won't want an argument."

                "I can only try to keep Xue'er out of jail and not leave a record."

                Fang Hui was overjoyed, "Lin Mo, as long as Xue'er can be released, everything else is fine."

                "Let us apologise, let us pay compensation, we are all willing."

                "Even, even if I am told to go on my knees and kowtow to her, I ...... I am willing!"

                Xu Hanxia was angry and heartbroken, "Mom, you're so old, can you not follow the torment?"

                "Xue'er is not a child anymore, she made her own trouble, go apologize to people by herself!"

                Fang Hui sighed in a low voice, "Hanxia, Xue'er is still young, there's still a long way to go."

                "She is a person who has been strong since she was a child, let her apologize to people, she ...... is definitely not willing to do so."

                "I'm at that age, still ...... care about what face ah?"

                "If I can do it, why let her go and lose face?"

                Tears welled up in Xu Hanxia's eyes.

                Although Fang Hui was sarcastic and mercenary. But in fact, as a mother, she was still very competent.

                Whether it was to Xu Dongxue or Xu Hanxia, she was wholeheartedly devoted to her.

                Although she usually has dreams of being a wealthy wife, she does not think things through and often pressures Xu Hanxia for money.

                But this is normal. How many people don't love vanity?

                Early the next morning, Xu Jian Gong and his team went to the law firm to transfer all the shares back to Lin Mo's name.

                In the past few days, they were mainly running back and forth to the law firm.

                After this trip, Xu Jiangong had completely given up and would not play with the idea of the construction company again.

                Lin Mo got his shares back and called the Zhou family and Old Zhang directly.

                The people had actually pressured Xu Jiangong to leave the construction company before.

                Now that the goal had been achieved, everything was back to normal and the construction company was running as usual.

                Moreover, in the past two days, the project in the villa area had finally restarted.

                Lao Hu left the herb company first and went straight into the villa area to start the follow-up work on this project.

                As for Deng Jun, he still had to be at the herb company for a while, he had to help Xiao Wu get familiar with the situation at the herb company.

                When Xiao Wu was completely able to take charge of his own business, Deng Jun would also have to enter the construction company, which was their career.

                As for Xu Dongxue's side, it was indeed slightly troublesome.

                Although He Lao was good to Lin Mo, however, it was his granddaughter who was beaten up this time.

                Moreover, his granddaughter was not at all at fault for this incident.

                Under such circumstances, how could He Lao be willing to give up in peace?

                Lin Mo found He Lao and He Qianxue and discussed the matter for a while before He Qianxue agreed to settle the matter privately.

                However, the premise was that Xu Dongxue had to apologise to her.

                Lin Mo did not dare to make the decision privately, he knew very well the Xu family's situation.

                If he agreed to this matter, when the time came, Xu Dongxue would definitely say that he had agreed to it, not himself, and thus not come to apologise.

                Therefore, he had to make it clear to the Xu family.

                The decision to agree or not to agree had to be made by the Xu family, and then Xu Dongxue would not be able to deny it.

                After hearing Lin Mo's words, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui was all overjoyed.

                "Aiya, this ...... this is really great!"

                "I thought this would be difficult to resolve, but I didn't expect that all it would take is an apology."

                Fang Hui joyfully lamented.

                Xu Hanxia said indignantly, "Mom, do you really think it's that simple?"

                "This time, people are not pursuing the matter because of Lin Mo's face."

                "Otherwise, it's useless for you to apologise a few times!"