Medical Genius Chapter 624

 Xu Dongxue gritted her teeth, "He has no influence whatsoever!"

                "This soft-eating wimp only lies and cheats people."

                "Look at my sister, now she's all dizzy from his deception."

                "Those people in Old Zhang, and those in the Zhou family, are all stupid and have been fooled by him too!"

                "Otherwise, who would work with a soft-earned white boy!"

                Fang Hui whispered, "So what about this matter now?"

                "Why don't we ...... we return the shares to Lin Mo?"

                Xu Dongxue immediately said, "No, absolutely not to him!"

                "I'll tell you what, this time, it's definitely Lin Mo who's behind this."

                "On the surface, he promised to give Dad his shares, but in fact, behind the scenes, he contacted these people."

                "Having them threaten to withdraw their capital is actually an attempt to force Dad to give back his shares to Lin Mo."

                "Hmph, I think that these people are also purely going through the process and just want to scare us."

                "How could they possibly give up such a lucrative project?"

                "If we insist on not returning the shares to Lin Mo, or even, put up the attitude that we want to return the funds to them, then these people will immediately wimp out."

                Fang Hui was bewildered, "Is that really the case?"

                Huang Liang nodded, "What Xue'er said is correct."

                "This kind of thing is very common in business."

                "Uniting with outsiders to force the palace, some underhanded tricks."

                "However, if we take a strong stance, then ultimately these people will still put their interests first."

                "So, the most crucial thing now is our attitude!"

                "As long as we bite the bullet and don't let go, they will eventually compromise, no one will give up such a lucrative project."

                Xu Jiangong nodded slowly: "That's right!"

                "Businessmen, businesswomen, profit comes first."

                "As long as we are firm, can they still give up the billions of revenue for Lin Mo?"

                Fang Hui was still a little worried, "Then what if they really have a strong attitude?"

                "If this matter goes big, we ...... we can't afford it!"

                Huang Liang laughed lightly, "Mom, don't worry."

                "Even if they are really tough, so what? So what if we find another investor!"

                "Such a good project, such a lucrative project, still worried about not finding investors?"

                "Let me tell you this, as long as I spread the information about this project, countless people will immediately come to us with cash to invest."

                "When the time comes, the big deal is that we can use the money from these investors to return the funds from those people before, that's all that matters!"

                Xu Jiangong smiled at once: "That's a good method."

                "Xiao Huang, you're still the one with the brightest brain."

                "Okay, that's how it's going to be done."

                "Xue'er, call and tell Hanxia to get ready to give Old Zhang and those people a withdrawal."

                "Also, tell her to tell those people in Old Zhang that in the future, I will not accept their investment in any of my Xu Pharmaceutical's projects."

                "My Xu family, will not have any more cooperation with them!"

                "This is what I, Xu Jiangong, say!"

                Xu Jiangong's face was arrogant, as if he was already standing at the top of the pinnacle.

                Xu Dongxue nodded excitedly, "Dad, that's a beautiful thing to say."

                "We have to have our attitude, otherwise they will still think we are soft and can be taken at will!"

                "Just wait, I'll call my sister right now."

                Xu Dongxue called Xu Hanxia with great enthusiasm and added fuel to the fire by telling her what Xu Jiankong had said.

                After hearing this, Xu Hanxia was extremely annoyed and called Xu Jiankong the first time.

                Xu Jiangong did not answer the phone at all, but directly asked Huang Liang to drive up to Zhou Yuanshan.

                Xu Jiangong stopped Zhou Yuanshan and said with an arrogant face, "Mr Zhou, I've considered what you just said."

                "Since you are not willing to cooperate with our Xu family, then I will not force it."

                "Don't worry, I will definitely return your Zhou family's funds!"