Medical Genius Chapter 622

 Xu Chang Chang covered his stomach and laughed out loud, "Aiya, what did I hear?"

                "Eldest uncle, didn't you just say that you negotiated this project with the Zhou family?"

                "Now what's going on with this?"

                "The human Zhou family, how come they don't recognize this matter anymore?"

                Xu Jianping laughed, "Long term, how do you talk to your uncle?"

                "You kid, no big and small, don't you know respect for your elders?"

                "Aiyo, big brother, don't be angry."

                "Children are like that, they are straightforward and say what they want."

                "But what's with this project of yours?"

                "Didn't you say that the Xu family wouldn't count on that soft-earned wimp?"

                "What, this project, or that wimp negotiated it down, huh?"

                Xu Yongqing glanced at Xu Jiankong with a look of contempt, "Jiankong, do you know why I have never let you take charge of the family's business?"

                "You are a person who is incapable and clueless, but you are also too ambitious and self-righteous."

                "If I let someone like you take charge of the family business, Xu Pharmaceutical would have collapsed long ago!"

                "Are you saying that Lin Mo is a soft-spoken loser?"

                "Oh, in my eyes, you're not even as good as that wimp!"

                The crowd laughed again, the old man's words, that was naturally sharp to the extreme ah.

                Xu Jiangong's face was swollen red, he didn't expect it to be like this.

                He had called the Xu family here today because he wanted to let them see his estate and make them regret why they had treated him that way in the first place.

                However, who could have imagined that this would happen.

                At the very moment when he was at the height of his complacency, people from the Zhou family unexpectedly came and threw a pot of cold water on him.

                All his previous prestige was gone, and he had lost face!

                The most crucial thing was that once the project was scrapped, it would be a serious problem.

                He didn't have time to retort to the Xu family and hurriedly said, "Mr Zhou, it's the same for you to work with me."

                "The construction company, originally belongs to our Xu family."

                "I am the head of the Xu family's family, the construction company should be mine too."

                "What Lin Mo can do, I can also do."

                "How much Lin Mo gives you guys a share, I ...... I add an extra 30%. How about this, is this sincere enough?"

                Zhou Yuanshan glanced at him and said in a cold voice, "No need!"

                "Xu Jiangong, we will not do business with someone who goes back on his word and doesn't have any integrity!"

                "You, are not qualified to cooperate with our Zhou family!"

                "That's it, within three days, I want to see the Zhou family's money returned!"

                "Otherwise, when the time comes, you won't be able to pay for it even if you sell the entire Xu Pharmaceutical!"

                After saying that, Zhou Yuanshan turned around and walked away, not giving Xu Jiankong a chance to speak at all.

                Xu Jiangong stumbled and almost didn't faint on the ground.

                The most crucial question was, where was he going to get so much money for the Zhou family?

                The previous investment had already been spent.

                If he wanted to return the money now, he would have to transfer it from Xu Pharmaceutical.

                But the question was, would Xu's Pharmaceuticals give him such a large sum of money?

                Even if Xu Hanxia agreed, would the board of directors agree?

                Xu Jianping laughed heatedly, "Big brother, I, for one, have always advocated that one should eat as much as one can."

                "In your life, you've never even managed a kiosk, and you still dare to take charge of a construction company."

                "Do you really think you can chew up a villa area that can easily cost billions or tens of billions?"

                "You, ah, just have low eyes and are self-righteous."

                "The Zhou family's people are right, you're not qualified to work with the Zhou family at all!"

                Xu Changchang bristled, "Dad, why are you talking to him about this?"

                "If he had listened to the advice, he wouldn't be in this state now."

                "Fine, it has nothing to do with our family now anyway, let's just watch the fun!"